Ba Guo Grilled Fish: Authentic Si Chuan Cuisine at a food court

Have you ever craved for grilled fish (aka “kao yu”) when you are at a food court? If you had and couldn’t find any stalls previously, good news for you! Introducing to you… Ba Guo Grilled Fish! Located at the Food Republic @313 Somerset, you can now satisfy your cravings and 麻 (numb) your tastebuds away with some good authentic Si Chuan Cuisine in the heart of town. On top of being able to enjoy the famous spicy and smoky grilled fish that Singaporeans can’t seem get enough of over the past year, you are in for a Si Chuan feast with other items on the menu that will definitely give you a taste of China!

At Ba Guo Grilled Fish, most of their fresh vegetables and spices (especially their chilis and peppers) are flown in directly from Si Chuan, China. As its name suggest, Ba Guo’s signature dish on the menu is their grilled fish. Marinated with more than 30 kinds of fresh vegetables and spices, Ba Guo has perfected the balance of spice, flavour and aroma in the dish. Also, keeping with the traditional Si Chuan culinary practice, the fish is grilled using three different techniques – pickling, roasting and stewing over Dashan charcoal, to give it its authentic smoky flavour.

S P I C Y G R I L L E D F I S H / 麻 辣 烤 ⻥ – $ 3 6 . 8 0

The grilled fish is sold in a few different flavours, including the iconic spicy mala grilled fish, a flavour that most of us are accustom to. However, the flavour which stood out the most and is not usually seen in grilled fish restaurants in Singapore would be the Grilled Fish with Double Green Pepper Chilli.

G R I L L E D F I S H W I T H D O U B L E G R E E N P E P P E R C H I L L I /
⻘ 椒 烤 ⻥ – $ 3 6 . 8 0

Cooked in a light clear broth filled with fresh vegetables and topped with green chilis and green peppercorns, this unique grilled fish is a healthier take on the grilled fish normally served. Although this dish looks harmless (and might even look bland at first), don’t be deceived by its appearance! This dish is nothing short of flavour and definitely packs a punch in the spiciness and numbness department. The broth is thoroughly seasoned and the sweetness of the vegetables just cuts through as well (and yes, you did not read wrongly, you can drink the broth!). With each mouth, you can first taste the actual flavour of the broth before the spiciness and numbness kicks in a few seconds later. Also, keeping true to the authenticity of the dish, the fish used known as Qing Hua Fish (a type of river fish) is also flown directly from Chong Qing, where the grilled fish dish originated from. The Grilled Fish with Double Green Peppers is highly recommended if you want to enjoy a less “sinful” grilled fish with all the flavours still there. I will definitely order this grilled fish again!

Other than grilled fish, Ba Guo also serves many other iconic Si Chuan dishes. Ranging from appetisers, cold dishes, mains and even bar snacks.

H O T A N D S O U R C R U N C H Y F U N G U S / 爽 口 木 耳 – $ 5 . 8 0

One of the cold dish they have on their menu is the Hot and Sour Crunch Fungus. This cold dish is not as spicy as I though it would be. But you can definitely taste the tanginess from the vinegar and the fragrance of the sesame oil used. Overall, it is a rather refreshing dish to have to accompany the grill fish.

Next are the Sliced Beef and Strips in Special Sauce and Chicken Cubes in Chill Oil. Both dishes tasted quite similar to me, hence if you were to order, I recommend ordering either one will do.

S L I C E D B E E F A N D S T R I P S I N S P E C I A L S A U C E / 夫 妻 肺 片 – $ 8 . 8 0

For the beef dish, you’ll get a mix of slice beef and beef stomach slices. With two different parts of the beef, you’ll be able to enjoy different textures of the meat bathed in their special sauce. If innards aren’t your thing, you can go for the Chicken Cubes in Chili Oil.

C H I C K E N C U B E S I N C H I L I O I L / 口 水 鸡 – $ 7 . 8 0

What makes this dish special is the chili oil. The chef mentioned that more than 10 different ingredients were used to make this chili oil.

Taking a break from all the chilis, there is the Braised Pork Cubes with Dry Mushrooms. This dish is not easy to master at all. It has to be cooked for a specific duration to get it right and Ba Guo did not disappoint.

B R A I S E D P O R K C U B E S W I T H D R Y M U S H R O O M / 香 菇 红 烧 肉 – $ 1 6 . 8 0

The pork belly cubes were tender, well marinated and the vegetables helps to take away some of the greasiness of the dish. This dish will definitely go well with a warm bowl of rice.

The next dish might not be for everyone as it involves frogs!

F R O G S W I T H P I C K L E V E G E T A B L E S A N D C H I L I / 泡 椒 牛 蛙 – $ 1 9 . 8 0

This main flavours from this dish comes from the pickled vegetables and chili which is marinated/ pickled personally by the chef of Ba Guo for 3-5 days! The frogs pieces are then stir-fried in this spicy and sour goodness to produce this dish. This dish is definitely worth trying!

Ba Guo also has crayfish on their menu! Can you believe this fancy dish below is served at a food court?

C R A Y F I S H I N G A R L I C F L A V O U R /
蒜 茸 小 ⻰ 虾 – $ 2 2 . 8 0

For this dish, the crayfish are stir-fried in minced garlic. Anything with garlic, especially shellfishes will never go wrong! That being said, I might not order this dish again as it is rather messy to eat and the crayfish meat is quite small.

Saving the best for the last (aside from the grill fish), another must order dish at Ba Guo will definitely be the spicy deep fried chicken cubes. This dish is a very popular bar snack in Chong Qing and it goes very well with alcohol, especially beer!

S P I C Y D E E P F R I E D C H I C K E N C U B E S / 重 庆 辣 子 鸡 – $ 1 3 . 8 0

The deep-fried chicken pieces are tossed in heaps of dried red chili and peppercorns. With each mouth, there is the crispiness of the chicken and the spiciness and the numbness from the spices which makes this dish “painfully” addictive. Also, as the chicken cubes are hidden in the dried chili, you literally have to search through pile to get that piece of meat which adds to the fun as well!

With more and more Chinese grilled fish stores opening in Singapore, Ba Guo is definitely one to try especially since Ba Guo emphasises on keeping true to the traditional Si Chuan taste and culinary practise! Also for all dishes, you can request for the level of spiciness that you want upon request.

Ba Guo Grilled Fish
Food Republic @ 313 Somerset
Level 5
Singapore 238895

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New Ramen Nagi Outlet @ Ion Orchard

Aside from the Suntec City outlet, you can now slurp up at Ramen Nagi’s new outlet at Ion Orchard! One more place to savor bowls of ramen from Chef Ikuta.

Like many other ramen houses, they offer a high level of customization from noodle type, vegetable selections to spice level! Being the type of person who can take spice, i went for 1 (normal) out of 10, but was surprised how peppery it was. So i’d recommend no spice for those who are giving it a shot 🙂

Original Butao King ($13.90).

Original Butao King, an award-winning tonkotsu pork-broth prepared in the traditional method. Mouth-wateringly rich, fresh and aromatic; special handcrafted noodles and classic Nagi pork chashu. For first timers, this definitely won’t go wrong!

Black King ($15.90)

For those feeling a little more adventurous, go for the Black King. Fragrant blackened garlic and squid in a silky broth with succulent chashu; finished with a ball of minced pork, black sesame and Nagi spices. Again, this was a little too peppery and salty for my liking – so for go for less sauce, oil and spice if you like it light like me 🙂

“Enjoy the rest of your day with Nagi!”

Ramen Nagi @ Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B4-54 S(238801)

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Chengdu Restaurant shows that Sichuan food is more than just ‘mala’

Opened since April last year in the heart of the CBD area, Amoy street, Chengdu restaurant is back with new dishes on their menu. Its new menu line-up pays homage to the ever-evolving Sichuan cuisine and showcases the myriad of taste profiles that it has to offer!

First up, one of the new appetisers offered is the Roasted Foie Gras. Get ready to be wowed by the platting when it is being served up. Served on dry ice, this dish looks super whimsical with the smoke flowing down the dish which adds to the dining experience.

Roasted Foie Gras – $42.80

This dish is an ensemble of thinly sliced pan-seared golden brown foie gras served on king oyster mushrooms, topped with spring onions and red pepper flakes. The foie gras and king oyster mushrooms are well seasoned in a “Chinese” manner, which is a nice twist on how foie gras is usually prepared in french or western cuisine in general. This dish is best eaten when you take a mouthful of all the ingredients at once!

Slices of foie gras stacked on king oyster mushrooms

Another new appetiser or cold dish, which the Chinese locals, like to call it, is the Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers. Although this dish looks simple, a lot of effort and time went into the preparation. The chicken feet are marinated in peppercorns, ginger, rock sugar, white vinegar, wild pepper, chili pepper, carrots, radish and celery for 48 hours at a cold temperature of 0-5 degrees!

Chicken Feet with Picked Peppers – $13.80

This dish is served cold and taste sweet, sour and spicy. It is a nice dish to have between dishes as well as it helps to cleanse your palette. This dish might look harmless, but the trademark Sichuan spiciness and numbness will kick in after a few seconds. These chicken feet are on the crunchy side hence if you prefer those braised, fall-of-the-bones chicken feet usually served at dim sum restaurants, this dish might not be for you.

Moving on to the mains, there are two quintessential dishes which are “must order” dishes at all Sichuan restaurant if you want to get your Mala fixed! They are the Sichuan Style Spicy Pot and the Fish Fillet in Sour Soup, which are two dishes famous among the locals in the Sichuan Province as well.

The Sichuan Style Spicy Pot consist of black tripe, tripe, luncheon meat, quail eggs, starch noodles, prawns, squid, lettuce, black fungus, garlic, beansprout and celery drenched in the popular mala base which all mala lovers are familiar with. This is like a ready made mala hotpot waiting for your to devour in once it is being served! You should definitely order a bowl of rice which goes very well with this dish and the next.

Sichuan Style Spicy Pot – $28.80

The next dish is the Fish Fillet in Soup Soup. As its name suggest, it is a spicy and sour soup filled with chunks of boneless sole fish fillet, Sichuan peppercorns, pepper, ginger, preserved pickled vegetables and enoki mushrooms.

Fish Fillet in Soup Soup – $22.80 (S)/ $29.80 (L)

This soup is lighter, less oily and slightly less spicy as compared to the Sichuan Style Spicy Pot. You can definitely taste the fragrance of all the spices in the broth. I would highly recommend this dish, if you want to have something different but with the mala element still present.

The next two new mains on the menu is the Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs and the Braised Tendon with French Bean.

Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs – $22.80

The Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs are simmered for 45 minutes with different Sichuan spices before being lightly fried and then tossed in seasoning reminiscent of Sichuan streetside shaokao (barbeque). This dish is very flavourful and the pork ribs are very tender and falls right off the bones although it has been fried.

The Braised Tendon with French Bean is a combination of slow-braised beef tendon, quail eggs, and green chilli in a flavourful piquant sauce. To achieve its fork-tender texture, the beed tendons are braised for approximately 40 minutes.

Braised Tendon with French Bean – $26.80

Moving on to the side dishes which makes very good snacks as well, are the Sichuan Eggplant Claypot and the Beggar Potato.

The Sichuan Eggplant Claypot consist of lightly seasoned strips of deep-fried eggplants. It is savoury and has a hint of sweetness to it as it is also lightly tossed in a sweet sauce. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this makes a very good alternative to fries. This is definitely a must try on their new menu as it not only taste good but it is something unique and not easily found in Singapore as well.

Sichuan Eggplant Claypot – $12.80

Lastly, we have the Beggars Potato. This adorable looking dish are fried mini potatoes which are seasoned in a secret 20 spices recipe. These potatoes are definitely seasoned well and fluffy on the inside.

Beggar Potato – $12.80

Lastly, if you are looking for a venue to host corporate events, private gathering or more, Chengdu Restaurant’s entire 3rd floor which seats up to 60 guests can be reconfigured into a spacious event venue. The intimate setting at Chengdu Restaurant serves as the stage for an immersive experience of the Sichuan food culture.

So if you are craving Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu Restaurant is worth a visit and give their new menu a try as well!

Chengdu Restaurant
Address: 74 Amoy Street, Singapore 069893
Operating hours: Mon – Sat: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 11.30pm. Closed on Sun.

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Chillout @ dal.komm Coffee! [New Funan Mall outlet]

If you haven’t been to Funan Mall yet, you should. Jewel is so yesteryear. But seriously, here’s one more reason to – the Korea originated lifestyle coffeehouse dal.komm coffee is now open!

Only at this outlet, you get to try the outlet-exclusive Matcha Red Bean Latte! Those with a sweetooth might like this, though I found it a little on the sweeter side. The usual signatures like the Matcha Coffee Cube that’s a good blend of matcha, milk and caffeine “shot” ice block are also available – my personal favourite 🙂

Also, if you happen to be in snacking mode or just feel like having a light meal, definitely give the Korean style Ssamjang Chicken Pizza or the Signature Ssamjang Chicken Cruffin a go. In case you were wondering, cruffins are a combination between croissant and muffins 🙂

Atmosphere here is cosy with homey vibes and cushy yet sleek seats. Perfect for any occasions from afternoon shopping breaks to business appointments I’d say!

dal.komm Coffee @ Funan Mall

107 North Bridge Road, #03-17, S(179105)

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Nayuki 奈雪の茶 opens its second and third outlet in Singapore

After the successful opening of its first overseas outlet in Vivo City last year, Nayuki has and is going to open its second and third outlet at the newly revamped Funan Mall (opened since 28 June 2019) and Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya on 12th July 2019!

Known for their hand-crafted fruit cheese teas and Soft-Euro breads which are not only pleasant to the eyes but also taste as good, Nayuki has rolled out two new products in lieu of the opening of their new outlets from this July onwards!

The first of the two new creations is a fluffy Soft-Euro bread filled with cream and freshly diced mangoes – Magic Mango Mystique! I had the pleasure of trying out this new creation during Nayuki’s opening at second outlet in Funan Mall and boy I must say, its very different from the bread you get from your normal bakeries in Singapore! Firstly, fresh mangoes are used and it is hard to find bakeries selling bread with fresh fruits in it. The cream filling is light and airy, keeping the bread moist and it complimented well with the mangoes! Overall, this bread is rather light on the palette and not as overwhelming as it seems. If you are a fan of mangoes, please give it a try! Also for only $6.80, you get almost a foot long of this goodness that can be shared between 2-4 persons!

 Magic Mango Mystique ($6.50)

Nayuki’s second new item is none other than a new addition to their signature fruit cheese tea series – Supreme Cheese Mixed Berries! This new concoction is a blend of fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with Nayuki’s Jasmine Tippy Tea, topped with a generous layer of cheese foam. I can foresee this drink pairing well with one of their best selling bread, Strawberry Blush Mystique! The Supreme Cheese Mixed Berries will be available during the opening of their Takashimaya Outlet, 12th July 2019 onwards! In the mean time, you can try out Nayuki’s signature Supreme Cheese Strawberry which is similar to the Supreme Cheese Mixed Berries!

Supreme Cheese Strawberry ($8.30)

So if you want to have a taste of these two new creations of Nayuki’s, remember to head down to Nayuki’s new outlets (Funan Mall & Takashimaya) this July! To end off on a high note, there will be a 3-days opening promotion not to be missed at Nayuki’s third outlet in Takashimaya this July!

From 12th – 14th July 2019, for any purchase of a drink, you will be given a free Soft-Euro bread! On top of that, the first 300 customers each day will also get to take home a pretty holographic tote bag, which includes other goodies as well!

To get your hands on this exclusive opening gift, all you have to do is like and follow Nayuki on their Facebook and Instagram (@nayukisg), upload a post with the hashtag #NayukiSG on either platform and present it together with your receipt!

NAYUKI @ Funan Mall
Address: 107 North Bridge Road, #01-01, Funan, Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm daily

NAYUKI @ Takashimaya (from 12th July 2019 onwards)
Address: 391 Orchard Road, #B1-30, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872

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Monster Curry x GOZILLA: King of the Monsters

Monster Curry is one of the first restaurants in Singapore to specialize in Japanese curry, and prides itself on offering house-made Japanese curry created with its proprietary blend of 14 vegetables and spices. Since its debut in Singapore in 2012, the restaurant chain has grown to 13 outlets island-wide(details below).

Monster Curry is under the En Group, which has been perpetuating the food culture of Okinawa and Japan via its various restaurant concepts in Asia, including in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Headquartered in both Singapore and Hong Kong, En Group’s concepts comprises of En Sakaba (Japanese casual bar and eatery), Monster Curry (casual restaurant specialising in Japanese curry), Aburi-EN (Japanese casual eatery specialising in pork and beef rice bowls.

Starting 18 May 2019 until 15 July 2019, the Japanese curry specialist will welcome the formidable Godzilla: King of the Monsters featuring unique combinations of their signature toppings like the Pork Katsu and Premium Beef Steak, complete with fluffy Japanese rice shaped like the creature’s silhouette. A must-try is the Godzilla Volcano Honey Toast dessert and Godzilla Shiquasa Fizz.

The Godzilla Combo Curry ($28.80, good for two to share) combines an all-in-one humongous plate of toppings such as the freshly-prepared breaded Pork Katsu, crispy Fried Shrimp, moreish Tori Karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken) and Premium Beef Steak, the dish is a satisfying meal on its own. It is garnished with traditional Japanese pickled radish and served with the restaurant’s signature demi-glace Japanese curry sauce.

The Godzilla Katsu Curry ($14.80) is good for one, similarly presented in a massive 34-cm diameter plate with Japanese demi-glace curry and two of the restaurant’s most popular toppings: Pork Katsu and two pieces of Takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls).

The Godzilla Volcano Honey Toast ($12.80) comprises large cubes of crispy bread slathered with honey and butter, then topped with mixed berry sauce, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and a scoop of Häagen- Dazs vanilla ice cream. Godzilla will perch on top of this ‘volcano’ in the form of a specially designed dark chocolate topper. I would go back to order this again! Heavenly after a carb-heavy meaty dinner.

The Godzilla Shiquasa Fizz ($7.20, with Godzilla straw prop and coaster) is a refreshing drink made with Shiquasa lime specially grown in Okinawa, Japan. This fruit is said to be the secret of longevity and good health for Okinawans, who are known to be among the longest living people in the world. The lime is rich in vitamin C and is an excellent source of antioxidant citric acid, with a tangy flavour that balances the sweetness of cherry soda and a dollop of whipped cream. It was a tad too sweet and intense in flavour for me despite the tanginess, although some might enjoy it more than i do.

The chilli sauce is added to each dish with the corresponding level number, in the shape of endearing ‘hearts’ so do lets see where your spice level gets you. 2 hearts already got me jumping for water, so you know the gauge 😉

In tandem with the promotion, a 1.8-metre Godzilla mascot has also been specially brought in from Japan. ‘Meet-and-greet’ as well as photo opportunities with the formidable creature will be available from 23 May 2019 at select Monster Curry outlets island-wide.

Exclusively designed merchandise featuring the creature in various incarnations will be available for purchase and redemption as well. In particular, diners will be able to bring home a pack of three custom-designed Menko cards with every order of Godzilla Combo or Katsu Curry.

Menko is a traditional Japanese card game often featuring pop culture images. Monster Curry will launch 29 designs of the cards portraying the evolution of Godzilla’s appearance since its debut in 1954, to its most recent rendition in Hollywood

Overall a pleasant dinner experience here, and i can’t wait to go back for my Honey Toasts! Let me know if you like them as well. Promotion details below:

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
18 May to 15 July 2019

With every order of the Godzilla Combo or Katsu Curry:
1. Receive one pack of custom designed Menko cards (three pieces
per set)
2. Receive one stamp for the Monster Curry Godzilla Stamp Rally Card.
Collect stamps to redeem:
a. Godzilla Coaster Set (three stamps)
b. Godzilla T-shirt (eight stamps)
c. Godzilla Monster Curry Plate (15 stamps)
3. Be the first to collect all 29 designs of Menko cards to win a trip to
Japan with a stay at The Godzilla Hotel

Promotion details can be found at
1. Godzilla T-shirts (4 designs available): from $23.00
2. Godzilla Keychains (3 designs available): $4.50
3. Godzilla Coasters: $6.00 (one set of four designs)
4. Godzilla Monster Curry Plate: $58.00

Locations: ION Orchard, Nex, Vivocity, Jurong Point, Suntec City, Jem, Bugis Junction, Tampines One (re-opening in mid-2019), Downtown Gallery, Northpoint City, Novena Square, Waterway Point, 100AM

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The Alley: Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk

To ride on the ever so popular brown sugar bubble tea wave, The Alley has just introduced a new addition to their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Series – Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk!

You may be thinking, how does this differ from all the other brown sugar fresh milk out in the market? When I first received the drink, I wasn’t expecting much as it looked just like another typical brown sugar fresh milk bubble tea. However, after taking my first gulp, I took back my words of it being typical.

On top of tasting the superior meji fresh milk coupled with the fragrant caramelised brown sugar and bouncy chewy black pearls, you’ll be surprised by small chunks of silky and creamy creme brûlée bits (think custard-like pudding texture) with each mouthful, adding a whole new texture and creaminess to the drink! If you’re worried about the sweetness, fret not, as this drink is not overly sweet despite having so many components to it. This drink is definitely on the milkier side, so if you like your brown sugar with a stronger milk taste, this is definitely your drink to try!

To all you brown sugar lovers out there, if you have not tried The Alley’s new Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk, you should definitely mark it down as your next brown sugar bubble tea to conquer!

The Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk ($6.80) is only available at The Alley Luxe located at Orchard Cineleisure. Be sure to try it if you are in the Orchard area!

The Alley Luxe @ Orchard Cineleisure
Address: 8 Grange Rd, Level 2, Singapore 239695
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm daily

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DUOTOU clam season is back in PUTIEN!

Dubbed as the King of Clams, DUOTOU clams are once again back at One-Michelin Star PUTIEN! You might be wondering, what exactly are DUOTOU Clams? DUOTU Clams are named after a village in the coastal city of Putian – where the locals there have been breeding clams for generations. These clams are being bred in Duo Tou’s Village nutrient-rich black mud. With such fertile breeding grounds, these DUOTOU clams can grow up to a length of 6cm and are distinctively fleshy, plump and succulent to the taste! These DUOTOU clams have a very unique appearance as well. With two feeler like features on them, these clams sure look as if they have many heads which suites their name DUOTOU (“many heads”).

This year, the the culinary team at PUTIEN will be serving up these succulent and fresh DUOTOU clams in eight different ways! And to all you spicy lovers out there, you’re in luck as two new spicy flavours: Stir-fried Sambal Chives and Thai-flavoured DUOTOU Clam are being introduced this year.

To start off the clam feast, we have the Baked DUOTOU Clam on Hot Plate. This dish has been the bestseller for three consecutive years and I finally understood why after having a taste of it myself!

Baked DUOTOU Clam on Hot Plate ($21.80++)

The baked DUOTOU Clams are served pipping hot on a bed of sea salt. After you open these golden-shelled molluscs, you’ll be greeted by a fat and juicy piece of clam in its full glory. You can either have it plain or gently dip it onto the bed of sea salt. As there are no sauces or spices in this dish, you will be able to taste the actual freshness and sweetness of the DUOTOU Clams and I can guarantee you, you will definitely not be disappointed! By dipping it on the sea bed, the salt helps to further enhance the sweetness of the clams.

Next up, we have one of the two new spicy flavours: Thai-flavoured DUOTOU Calm.

Thai-flavoured DUOTOU Clam ($21.80)

This dish brings me right back to the beaches of Thailand. Tossed in a homemade Thia sauce with 6 different fruits and vegetables, this is definitely an ampped up version of the traditional Thai papaya/ mango salad BUT with DUOTOU Clams. A burst of flavours and textures hits you once you have a mouthful of this dish. First the sweetness of the chewy clams, next the tanginess of the tropical fruits followed by the crunch from the peanuts and lastly the heat from the onions and sauce. Every ingredient gels well together and this dish makes a perfect appetiser.

To follow on will be the Steamed DUOTOU Clams with Wine.

Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Wine ($22.80)

These clams are filled to the brim in a bowl and steamed with Huadiao Jiu, a traditional Chinese wine. For this dish, the aroma of the wine is gently infused with the sweetness of the clams. Hence, the best way to eat these clams would be to soak them in the alcoholic broth and have both of them together! Mmmm….

The next three DUOTOU clam dishes are more home-cooked style dishes which is definitely comfort food and all you need is a bowl of warm steamed rice to go with it! You will never go wrong with such combinations of the clams! They are none other than the Stir-fried DUOTOU Clam with Ginger & Spring Onion, Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Minced Garlic and DUOTOU Clam Omelette.

Stir-fried DUOTOU Clam with Ginger & Spring Onion ($21.80++)
Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Minced Garlic ($19.80)
DUOTOU Clam Omelette ($22.80++)

Also, the familiarity and simplicity of the taste of these three dishes will keep you going back for more servings!

Moving on to the seventh DUOTOU dish, we have the Salted Spicy DUOTOU Clam.

Salted Spicy DUOTOU Clam ($22.80++)

For this dish, the DUOTOU Clams are lightly battered with chopped chilli, salt and pepper and then deep-fried to a crisp. This dish reminds me of the popular Taiwanese night market snack – Salt and Pepper Chicken (盐酥鸡) but a slightly less sinful version. This dish is best paired with beer or any alcoholic beverages and it is highly addictive!

Lastly, we have the Stir-fried Sambal Chives with DUOTOU which is the other new spicy flavour introduced this year.

This hot number is a harmonious balance of South-East Asian flavours where the luscious clams are stir-fried with fresh chives and sambal. The freshness of the chives and clams helps to cut through the strong flavour of the sambal hence neutralising the greasiness of the sambal proving a good balance. This new dish is definitely worth the try for spicy food lovers out there!

PUTIEN will be offering these eight DOUTOU Clam dishes from now till 31 July 2019! Also an order combination of any two different types of DUOTOU Clam dishes is priced at only $39.90 (member price: $35.80)! So be sure to check them out before they are off the menu!

Address: Jewel Changi Airport
Singapore 819666
Other outlets available here

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The greatest & hottest Rumours continues to spread in Singapore

Rumours Bar & Grill has finally opened their second outlet at the heart of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport! Unlike its first outlet in Holland Village, Rumours at Jewel Changi Airport has a homier laidback resort vibe which has been lauded as an awesome hangout location for families and friends, old and the young. From its glorious grills to signature cocktails, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Calamari & Deep-fried chicken wings ($8.80++ each)

First up, the Calamari and the Deep-friend chicken wings which make very good starters for a group of 4-6 to share! The Calamari has a crispy exterior giving it a crunch with every bite. If seafood is not up your alley, you can go for the Deep-fried Chicken Wings which I highly recommend! The chicken wings were lightly coated with a well-seasoned batter fried to golden-brown perfection. The wings did not feel greasy at all after each bite, which had me going for a second serving!

Moving on to the mains, there is an array of grills and meat selection to choose from their menu.

A5 Grade Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin ($87.80++/ 200g)

One of the highlights of the meats Rumours offer will definitely be the premium A5 Grade Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin, which has an impressive marbling score of nine! Rumours is one of the very few places in Singapore to serve this magnificent beef cut. Thus, if you’re feeling a little fancy that night and have some extra bucks to splurge on, you might want to order this dish to have a try!

You will also have a choice of Truffle Potato Gratin or Fried Potato Wedges to go with this fine cut of meat as well as a choice of sauce Bearnaise, Black Pepper or Red wine.

Aside from beef, Rumours serves up pretty good lamb grills as well!

Australian Baby Lamb Chops with Garlic Confit ($45.80++)

If you don’t mind the strong taste of lamb, this is a plate of perfectly pan-seared lamb chop worthy to try! The lamb ribs were well-cooked, tender and flavourful with no gamy aftertaste at all. The garlic confit at the side helps to enhance the taste of the meat when eaten together and the refreshing sweet cherry tomatoes helps to take away any greasiness left.

Similar to beef, for any type of grills ordered, you will have a choice of Truffle Potato Gratin or Fried Potato Wedges as well as a choice of sauce Bearnaise, Black Pepper or Red wine.

If you can’t decide on what meat to have cause you want to have a taste of them all, fear not!  You can get the Mixed Grill platter at an affordable price!

Mixed grill platter ($48.80++)

For just under $50, the Mix Grill Platter comprises of angus tenderloin, lamb chop, pork loin served with fat fries and roasted vegetables. This dish is definitely good for sharing and for those of you who wants the best of all meats!

Lastly, not forgetting the highly raved about Rumours Classic Cheeseburger, which is boasted to be one of the best burgers in Singapore! This classic cheese burger will definitely be a crowd pleaser for everyone of all ages.

Rumours Classic Cheeseburger ($16.80++)

This mean burger comprises of a sizzling beef patty, melted stretchy cheese, bacon and fresh greens sandwich between two well toasted buns. A serving of fat fries is also served together with the burger which I must say is rather good change from the normal standard fries that are commonly served with burgers. This is definitely one of the better burgers that I’ve tried so far! The patty was very well seasoned and it has a sausage-like bite to it unlike some beef patties that crumbles after each mouthful. This dish is definitely a must try at Rumours and it really does live up to its name!

Rumour has it that your meal at Rumours will not be complete without trying out their signature bespoke cocktails! I had the pleasure of tasting the unexpected seductive cocktail quartet – each cleverly named after their appearance and flavours.

Oops, missing one more drink to complete the quartet, read on to find out who’s the last member of this cocktail quartet!
Passionfruit Kiss ($18++)

Passionate kiss is a citrusy gin cocktail, which combines the flavours of passionfruit, lemon and pineapple juice. Served with caramalised lychee with peach puree on the top, this drink taste like summer love, that lingers in your mind leaving you wanting more!

Two Boyfriends ($18++)

Next is the Two Boyfriend, a revitalising gin-based cocktail infused with fruity notes of plum and apple, kept company with a shot of Baileys. Just how having another boyfriend will make a relationship complicated, the combination of these two alcohols sure does make the taste of this cocktail more complex.

Blowing Smoke ($18++)

This is definitely one for the gram and a personal favourite of mine! Blowing Smoke is a white rum-based cocktail with elderflower liquor, fresh lemon juice and a sweet cinnamon scent. As the jar is lifted, a cloud of white smoke with a bold hickory smoky fragrance whiffs out creating a mystical setting which adds to the excitement of unveiling the cocktail.

Inside Me ($18++)

Inside Me is a smoky whiskey ice-blend topped with a subtle touch of Triple Sec, homemade peach puree and sugar syrup. To top it off, take a shot of Baileys from the string for a party in your mouth or mix it together with the main cocktail itself for something different.

On a whole, Rumours outlet at Jewel Changi Airport is definitely a place worth checking out with your family and friends. With a wide variety of food and drinks to choose from, coupled with the live entertainment and a laid-back alfresco sitting area, you sure can look forward to be transported back to Bali while dining at Rumours!

Rumours Bar & Grill
Jewel Changi Airport
Opening hours: Daily, 10am-3am

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Milksha (迷客夏), Taiwan’s Leading Bubble Tea Brand

Milksha (迷客夏), Taiwan’s Leading Bubble Tea Brand That Is Voted No. 1 by Taiwan’s University Students has launched its in Singapore, Suntec City. The brand has over 230 outlets in Taiwan, 20 in China and two in Hong Kong.

Milksha will have four different types of drink categories in Singapore, Fresh Milk, Fresh Milk Tea Latte, Premium Tea and Special Concoctions. The five signatures are Azuki Matcha Milk, Fresh Taro Milk, Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk, Refreshing Orange Green Tea and Earl Grey Latte with Honey Pearl. Toppings include honey pearls, grass jelly, and pudding.

Milksha’s beverages are handmade with 100% natural milk, fresh ingredients, and without any preservatives or chemical additives. The sugar used is natural sugar from sugar cane.

Azuki Matcha Milk [$5.60]

Matcha powder is specially imported from Izumo Tousuien (桃翠園) from a hundred-year-old brand Izumo Matchato procure the matcha.The matcha is first chilled, then directly air-flown to Singapore.

Fresh Taro Milk [$5.60]

The taro is mashed by hand, then blended with the fresh milk. This drink requires a lot of labour and effort, it is done to retain the texture of the taro. This is the first time to have actual taro pieces in a bubble tea store.

Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk [$4.80]

It is made of premium Valrhona cocoa from France.

Refreshing Orange Green Tea [$4.20]

Milsha uses whole oranges that are imported directly from Taiwan are juiced, including the zest. It is a very refreshing drink and tastes sweet not sour.

Earl Grey Latte with Honey Pearl [$4.80]

Milksha features honey pearls which are freshly cooked and then frozen before being air-flown directly to Singapore. Instead of using dried pearls, Milksha invests in quick freeze technology to maintain the texture and taste consistency of each pearl. The pearls are transparent with no colour additive or preservative added to it. Sri Lankan earl grey leaves is used for this invigorating beverage. 

The drinks available here are quite a refreshing array of choices and the tastes in general is quite clean and light. Unlike other brands who sell drinks that are relatively richer and heavier in taste.

Milksha (迷客夏)

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-375/376 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm


Instagram: @milksha_sg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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