Colour up your Summer with Udon Kamon

Enjoy your udon chilled? This summer, Udon Kamon’s serves their chilled udon in three flavors, tripling the pleasure for both your tastebuds and eyes.

The three types of udon noodles includes the white original Sanuki udon; green matcha udon made by adding Uji matcha, and the red chili udon made with Korean chili powder. Made fresh daily by executive chef Kamogi Noriyuki, the noodles are definitely served at its best texture, they are chewy but not too hard or soft. Shaped squared and a little larger than normal udon, the noodles are also easier to pick up making the whole eating experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

The noodles are served in three different offerings, let us look at them individually.

First up, the only soup offering for the tricolored udon, Beef Shabu Shabu Bukkake. Of the three noodles, the white udon tastes best with this soup as it manages to absorb the flavor of the dashi sauce fully. When one gets tired of the taste of the soup, the other two colored udon diversifies the flavour of this dish, red providing a tinge of spice in every bite, and green overpowers the dashi taste providing a fragrant matcha taste. This dish is also topped with Australia imported marbled beef short plate which is tender and complements well with the tangy noodles.

Next, Mentai Maze Udon, as its name suggests, the noodles are sauced with mentaiko along with onsen tamago. In this dish, the red udon takes the front seat as the slight spice intensifies the mentaiko taste. As the dish is mixed with egg and udon noodles, the taste of the mentaiko may not be strong enough for mentaiko lovers. Regardless, this bowl is unique for the variety of flavours.

Lastly, my favourite bowl is the Uni Maze Udon. This bowl is really addictive due to its savoury flavour and chewy udon texture. The noodles are coated in homemade Uni sauce, which is creamy and fragrant. It is also topped with fresh sea urchin from Hokkaido making the dish slight sweet and savoury. I was initially worried that the uni aftertaste would be too much to bear, however, it was okay due to the fresh ingredients used for the dish. All three types of udon taste blends in quite well in this dish, hence this is really a must try.

It was really a wonderful and unique experience with Udon Kamon as this is Singapore’s first tricoloured udon. The dishes are available from 7 June 2019. Up till the end of June, there is a discount of 50% off second bowl (lower priced of the two bowls).

Udon Kamon

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-315, North Wing (Tower 1) Suntec City (at Sky Garden), Singapore 038983

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM)

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Meat n’ Chill 1kg Beef Bowl – Check out how to get it free!

Beef Bowl [$9.90]

A spread of yakiniku beef on a bed of tomato fried rice. Tomato fried rice consists of chunks of real tomato, not rice mixed with tomato paste. The tangy taste of the tomato fried rice goes well with the thinly sliced chewy beef. The portion is very generous and be shared between 2 people with additional sides.

Monster Beef Bowl 牛魔碗 [$42]
This is a bigger version of the beef bowl, a 1kg Beef Bowl to its lunch menu. If you are willing to take up the challenge of finishing this bowl in 15mins, you will get to enjoy it for free.

Crispy Skin Grilled Salmon [$21]

The salmon is juicy and tender and with its light seasoning, we are able to enjoy the original flavour of the fish. The sautéed mushroom is also extremely juicy and generous in portion.

Merry Mango [$8]

This smoothie is smooth in texture and easy to slurp on. The mango and yoghurt taste is just nice, without either overpowering the other. It is similar to a typical mango lassi.

New York Cheesecake [$8]

The rich cheesecake is topped with vanilla ice cream for double satisfaction.

Overall, the taste of the meals are very well-balanced nutrition and taste wise. We look forward to coming back to try more of their other food and also for their delicious beef bowl.

Meat n’ Chill

Address: 805 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-04 6th Avenue Centre, Singapore 279883

Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 11:30am–2:30pm, 5:30–10pm, Sat-Sun 11am–3pm, 6–10pm, Closed on Mondays

Contact: 8812 4455



Instagram: @meatnchill

Written by: Coralle Wong

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Kohaku Tendon Aka – Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon

The newest Tendon seasonal offering at Kohaku Tendon is the Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon!

Do you know the spicy sauce is made from Szechuan peppers and mala? It is a familiar taste that most of us are familiar with, the special sauce they have is spicy enough to enjoy the array of dishes in the tendon without the extreme numbness.

The amount of ingredients is so satisfying for anyone who loves to try new things. The list of summer ingredients this time are soft-shell crab, tofu hamburg, prawn, tuna, bitter gourd and avocado. Each of them is coated with crispy batter and the special sauce.

Soft-shell crab is incredibly crispy and has a slight sweet taste. It was highly popular and was brought back by high demand by their customers so it is something you should look out for! The tofu hamburg is a marriage of carrot, corn and edamame, and boasts a nice interplay of soft and crunchy textures. The chicken cocktail sausage is a nice surprise in the bowl as one would not expect a sausage to be in a tendon. The tempura prawn is a classic and done well at Kohaku Tendon. The portion of tuna is really generous as it was thick however it could have resulted it to be a little dry. A quick solution would be to reach out for their soy sauce available on every table and squirt them on your tuna and rice. The avocado is also another interesting ingredient that was a delight to have this summer to cool us off in this heat.

Their spicy sauce is really good mix of spices and more of it would only make it even more irresistible. The non-spicy option is also available upon request so no one has to missed out on their delicious tendons.

I am sure some of you are already drooling, the Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon will retail at S$18.80++ and available to public from 11 June 2019. Be sure to get it before it is taken off the menu!

Kohaku Tendon

Address: Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road #02-34 S059413

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30–16:00 (Last Order: 15:30), 17:00–22:00 (Last Order:21:30)

Contact: 64434355


Instagram: @kohakutendon

Written by: Coralle Wong

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The Dragon Chamber – a “Secret Society” Restaurant and Bar. Are you game?

If you are, read on. (At your own risk)

Arriving at an unassuming Koptiam, you will find a glass fridge door – which is the portal into an otherworldly realm. Upon entering, you will be plunged into a world reminiscent of Chinatown gambling dens in the 90s with some lofi hiphop beats and artworks from Sabotage and Mister Tucks in the background. An utter transformation indeed, which set the mood for the culinary adventure ahead.

Firecracker Chicken and Maple Fritters ($16++/$28++) 

Kicking off on a heated note, the Firecracker Chicken and Maple Fritters spoke volumes with it’s peppercorn and Szechuan infused seasoned chicken chunks coupled with maple infused youtiao. A daring mix of sweet and spicy (and a tad numbing sensation) sensations that whetted our appetites for more!

A mysterious shroud of smoke obscures the hidden dragon.
 Dragon Mountain ($88++/$138++)

This spectacular dish features an Australian spiny lobster covered with a generous scattering of fried garlic (yum!) and fermented soybean bits, chillies, and Sichuan peppercorns. Despite the showstopper entrance and presentation, couple of us found the meat to be lacking in quantity and hard to extract with the hard shells being obscured.

Flaming Pineapple Beef ($28++)

Diced beef braised and stewed with pineapple five spice gravy served on a friggin flaming pineapple – what more needs to be said? Truth be told, i was expecting the typical chinese sweet-sour pork, but again, the chef manages to pull a good one on me again! Stunning dish. Presentation 11/10. Taste 10/10.

Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun ($68++)
The ever salivate inducing truffle gravy~

The dish that everyone raved about. With premium A4 Kagoshima wagyu beef slices and a thick and viscous truffle sauce, this is your ultra “upscale” version of beef hor fun. The mixed texture of crunchy and chewy of the stir-fried and deep-fried hor fun was melodious, to say the least. The distinct wok-hek was unmistakable as well. To top it off, the savory truffle aroma permeated through every spoon – making for a truly classy and unforgettable dish. This is a must-order dish.

Other dishes worth trying also include the local twist on Cheeseburger Eggrolls ($14) and the elegant Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey ($20). End the hearty feast with the king of the fruits – Fried Durian ($12).

Crazy for Coconuts ($22)

Looking for a place to chill after a hard day’s work? The Dragon Chamber reinvents classic cocktails with familiar flavours and spices and stocks up a cool series of craft beers. My favorite was Crazy for Coconuts ($22) – a concoction of irish whisky, coconut cold brew and dark sugar, with a pandan tincture. A refreshing drink with the right balance of bitter and sweet notes, and whiff of pandan fragrance at every swirl.

Overall, pricetag might seem abit steep but for an immersive (and almost theatrical) dining experience like this, this speakeasy is worth exploring for those up for an adventure. I for one, will definitely be back!

The Dragon Chamber
2 Circular Road
Opening Hours:

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Say what? Keto Gourmet Burgers!?

If you have not heard of what a keto diet is, it’s a popular form of low-carb diet where the body turns fat into ketones for use as energy. There are alot of reasons why it’s so popular and has been gaining much traction but the chief reason of all is it’s ability to help one to lose weight.

Keto Chicken Burger ($13.80 ++)

And if you’ve been on a keto diet, you would know how tough it can get in avoiding our lovely carbs. Until now, it’s finally possible . Thanks to the collaboration between The Butcher’s Kitchen (TBK) and Seriously Keto (Singapore’s first wholly ketogenic bakery), keto gourmet burgers are now a reality!

TBK takes their meat seriously. Selecting only partners that do their meats right – antibiotic and hormone-growth-promotants- free, grass and grain fed meats are imported directly from Australia and Japan.

Keto Pork Burger ($16.80++)

Oh and KetoBuns stood out in particular. A healthy union of almond flour, onion powder, apple cider vinegar and unsalted butter – this egg-white only staple will find have ketogenics indulging without feeling guilty. It’s definitely an interesting take on bread, but personally i found the bun abit too egg-y, and a tad too butter-y on the underside, it got a little ‘gelat’ towards the end.

Breakfast Set ($10.80) – choice of Kaya Kryptonite or Utter Nutter spreads

For those who had to miss out on our all-time favourite breakfast sets due to the Keto diet, those dreadful times are over. You can now enjoy your KetoBuns with Keto-friendly spreads – conceived by the culinary team and keto experts – in peace.

For those who are on the Keto diet, you would definitely want to check The Butcher’s Kitchen and Seriously Keto out! Deets below.

The Butcher’s Kitchen
Suntec City Mall #02-472

Seriously Keto @ Happy Pancakes
181 Orchard Road #10-01

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A KFC fish tank “Open Kitchen Concept” in Tampines

Ever wondered how your favourite KFC chicken pieces are prepared? Are you curious of the mysterious 11 herbs and spices used in those tasty chicken? You might be able to find out and create your own KFC franchise just from looking at it! (it’s a joke. there is no way you can find out because its a secret recipe!)

KFC Singapore is proud to kick off its “KFC Open Kitchen” programme where guests are brought into the highly guarded kitchens, allowing guests to become a #KFCInsider.


It is amazing to view the works of the KFC chefs, passionated about their work, they faithfully followed the steps that was created by the founder Mr Colonel Sanders.

One of the secrets that was revealed is it’s unique “7-10-7” breading technique, which consists of ‘rolling’ 7 times in a basket after being cleaned and rinsed to remove any excess moisture, tossing the chicken in the breading flour for 10 times using a ‘scoop and lift’ motion and pressed into the breading flour for 7 times to ensure the ideal flour-to-chicken coating ratio on each pieces. All Original Recipe chickens are hand-breaded in an exact sequence with its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

After all the preparation, the chicken is placed into this unique basket and put it into the pressure fryer and fried to the golden color and fragrant chicken that we recognize.

And voila!

Just in case we need any guidances, KFC has its way too! We managed to spot these pictures that explicitly tells the chefs how to place the chicken onto the basket and onto the tray!

From 8 April 2019, you are able to register online for a 35-minutes tour into KFC kitchen and explore the depths of the magnificently created chicken for a ticket pass at S$15! It comes with a KFC goodie bag and a 2 pieces chicken meal with sides and drink! Register online now at and book your adventure!

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Salmon fans can now rejoice with Pink Fish in Singapore

For the love of Salmon, please read this post.

I recently visited the new Pink Fish at Jewel Changi Airport that was opened in April 2019. They only use premium fresh Norwegian Salmon in all their dishes, which i was pretty impressed with their variety of menu items.

Helmed by Chef Geir Skeie, the winner of Bocuse d’Or World 2009, he did a little demonstration on how he prepares the food, every little detail is paid attention to, even down to the sauces.

We tried the burgers, salad, soup and i would say it was quite innovative to have the salmon in Thai Green Curry (yeah!!)

I personally enjoyed the Asian bowl with fresh cubes of Salmon in there, similar to a poke bowl, i like lighter tasting food and to get the natural taste of the fish, it is best when it is not too heavily marinated.

If you are a huge fan of salmon and crave fast food at the same time, this would be the perfect alternative to a processed fried chicken burger elsewhere. Its fuss-free, kid-friendly and you know you are getting the real deal. Why not?

Pink Fish (Jewel @ Changi Airport)

Addresss: 78 Airport Blvd, #B1-261/262, Jewel, Changi Airport Singapore, 819666

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Associate myEureka with Euphoria if you’re a popcorn fan! New outlet opens on 22nd May at Vivocity -B2.

myEureka Snack Bar opens it’s 4th outlet in Singapore this 22nd May 2019,  in a short span of 2 years, with it’s largest 24 hour flagship store in Jewel Changi Airport last month.  This is some legendary popcorn you have to get your hands on as these popcorns are evenly coated, big and round, have no husk, non-GMO kernal, no preservative and no trans-fat.

They have a wide selection of 23 flavours – both sweet and savoury. Bring your kids down for some fun as there is a “Buy 4 Free 1 Spin” Sure-Win Wheel which entitles you to 1 or 2 more FREE canisters, depending on your luck that day 😉 This is till 5th June 2019.

I must admit- there are no “top picks” or ” most popular” flavours here as i was torn between which to choose from! I loved the salted egg, hot & spicy, sour cream & onion, kimchi, and even the  original sea salt really packs a punch. It is slightly sweet on the outside, but ends with a lingering taste of salty finish in the core. Try it to believe it.

Matcha Chocolate, Kimchi and Crispy Chicken Rendang is exclusive to the Jewel flagship store, and Hot & Spicy flavour available for a limited time only at the Vivocity outlet. Sour Cream & Onion, as well as Caramel will be retailing aboard the Singpore based airline – Scoot, from 30th May 2019. What a privilege to be able to try them right before our tourists do, yeah?

myEureka also came up with FunFlakes – cereal or cornflakes of sorts, which definitely appeals to the child in all of us. We all grew up eating cereal yes? Three flavours to choose from – Smoked BBQ with Almond, Natural Mix with Almond, and lastly Butter Caramel with Almond. An interesting pick will be the savoury Smoked BBQ fun flakes.

Chocolate lovers delight now as the Pop Rock Chocolate gives you the popping candy feeling in your tastebuds, similar to that popping candy in your childhood days. Popcorn chocolate ball is popcorn engulfed in really thick chocolate, which i really liked too.

Promotions available now:

In celebration of myEureka Snack Bar’s 2nd Anniversary in Singapore, 200 gourmet popcorn packs(petite edition) will be gifted to shoppers at Vivocity, with no minimum purchase, from 11am-6pm daily from 22nd May till 26th May 2019.

Limited Edition Gift Boxes are available too with flavours – Tomato, BBQ, Cheese, Caramel , and Sour Cream & Onion are priced at $25 instead of $30, perfect for family bonding time over the upcoming June Holidays.

Gourmet Popcorn Prices range from $7 to $14 at the retail store, which opens from 10am to 10pm daily.

Outlet Locations & Contact Info:
1. Vivocity #B2-K1 – 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585 (Near Harbourfront MRT Station Exit)
2. Jewel Changi Airport #B2-251 – 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666 (Opens 24 hours)
3. Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-K10 – 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
4. Westgate #02-K4 – 3 Gateway Drive Jurong East, Singapore 608532

Contact: 63122488
Instagram: @eureka_snack_sg

Vending Machine Locations in Singapore: Sentosa Boardwalk, Chinatown Point & Triple One Somerset.

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Ho Fook Hei, Good Food Leh

Ho Fook Hei is the latest venture by Joyden (Congrats)! And I must say, it is definitely a place for an enjoyable family Chinese dinner. Ho Fook Hei put its pride in its unique rendition of soy sauce chicken and variety of authentic Cantonese specialities prepared for time-honoured recipes passed down from generations!

Just look at this soy sauce chicken! Doesn’t it make you drool!? Well, it does for me! At a price of S$19 for half or S$35 for whole chicken, it is my personal favorite for now!

A simple yet delicious wanton noodles with char siew that can warm your heart. The noodles served by Ho Fook Hei does not contain that irritating alkaline or what I would call the “noodle-flour” after taste. It is soft yet ‘Q’ (springy) that would make me go for a second bowl.

And its char siew, I loved the way it is presented and the shimming goodness can be seen from the surface of the char siew and its fat that got me drooling. You can get yourself a plate of char siew at S$13!

Apart from that, is its individual big wanton that contains minced meat and chunks of prawn, black fungus and chives! A bowl of this Shrimp Dumpling or the Shrimp Wantons is priced at $8.80 in clear broth or with noodles; soup or dry.

Not only that, its pride and joy, the soy sauce chicken contains a special sauce that they do not wish to reveal, what I was told is that, the longer the day passes, the richer the sauce is! You can enjoy its simple yet utterly satisfying one-dish meal, the Specialty Rose Wine Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles at the price of S$8.80!

If you crave for something light and rich, do not hesitate to get yourself a bowl of Red Grouper Fish Fillet Congee at S$9.80! Each scoop of congee is so smooth and delicious!

If you want to get yourself some side dishes, do try out its Hei Chor a.k.a. deep fried prawn rolls, which is crispy on the outside, tender and crunchy in the inside!

For drinks or desserts, if you want something sour, get yourself the Signature homemade red apple and Hawthorne drink at S$3.50 and its above 10 years old aged Mandarin peel red bean soup at S$4.50!

This is another place where you can bring your family or perhaps your Significant Other’s Chinese grandparents to Ho Fook Hei and have them carve an awesome impression of you for letting them taste such good food! You are welcomed!

Ho Fook Hei
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-141 Great World City, Singapore 237994
Contact: (65) 6219 2262
Opening Hours:
– Daily: 11:30am to 3:30pm and 5pm to 9:30pm

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Affordable Premium Wagyu Beef Buffet @ Tenkaichi!

Hear this.

From Free flow Wagyu Beef, Black pork loin, Pork Cheek Fillet to premium seafood like Hokkaido oyster, giant scallop and fresh sashimi starting from $59.9++. Yes, it’s unbelievable. And like me, you might be wondering what’s the catch? Well other than the fact that the quote price is for lunch (dinner sets one back for just $64.9++ btw), there is none!

The Wagyu Beef is sourced globally, and has a marbling
score of at least 7+. With a grain-fed diet, this beef is full of rich flavours with a higher level of marbling and juiciness. Moreover, each plate of Wagyu is hand sliced by the chef for every order, guaranteeing its freshness.

Meat Galoreeeee~

For any buffets, it’s always wise to start off with what you like and in small quantities, lest you become too full to explore the varieties later on. Clearly, the strategy didnt go too well for us as we went all out from the start 😛

Sizzling in action!
This is the reason why i can never become a vegetarian..

Despite the wallet-friendly pricetag, the quality is not compromised – unlike some buffet restaurants out there. The succulent texture in the pork cheek fillets and incredible melt-in-your-mouth wagyu kept us going for a good few rounds! Oh and for those who love a good ox-tongue, you will be delighted to know that they have it too 😉

Bowl of goodness

If like me, you like to strike a balance and can’t go carnivore mode for 90mins, you find a good selection of vegetables that make a good hotpot. Needless to say, i was back to the meats in no time after the much appreciated veggie respite 🙂

To end the feast off, top up just $10 for free flow Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I was so tempted to go for every flavour available but was at my tummy space limits 🙁

Overall, a truly value-for-money restaurant to pamper yourself with a feast. Highly recommended for wagyu and meat lovers out there!

Cineleisure (8 Grange Road)
+65 6365 8389

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