4 museums to visit in Amsterdam

Many might think that museums are boring or a place just to pass time, while some might have a liking for museums and those hungry for knowledge / history! I’m one of those who actually enjoy visiting museums and i can spend the entire day there. So visiting museums in Amsterdam was quite an exciting thing for me to do. We visited a few of their must-go museums, and i really liked some of them!

1) Anne Frank Museum – The Secret Annex

A huge eye-opener! It’s nothing i can ever imagine, living under these conditions and to watch my movement / control the volume of my voice every single minute, for fear i will be caught…. and the Franks did it for 2 years.

The space is really tight as well, so if you have young children or elderly, you might want to reconsider visiting this place as there are steep steps up the annex. Otherwise, all else is fine. Be sure to collect your multi-media device (a remote-like device) for your audio guide in your language.

You have to get your tickets online (http://www.annefrank.org/en/) before heading there, be sure to get there on time depending on the time slot you picked. There will also be queues formed for that time slot, prepare to let them scan the e-ticket which you should receive via email.

Tickets: €9 (Adults), €4.50 (10-17 years old), free for children 9 years old and below

Multimedia tour: Inclusive

Operating hours: 

Address: Prinsengracht 263-267


2) RijksMuseum

This place is #interiorgoals! This museum showcases more Dutch Art and History, expect to see lots of paintings, sculptures and other objects from the Middle Age. Oh yes and they have this really pretty flower light installation at the 2nd floor!

Upon entry, grab a sketch book and pencils provided to guest to quick sketch exhibits which catches their eye.

This museum has a cloak room so please deposit all your coats and other shopping bags / prams & carts here, so you can visit the exhibits hands free!

Tickets: €17.50 (Adults), free for Children 18 years old and below

Multimedia tour: €5

Operating hours: Daily 9am to 5pm


3) Van Gogh Museum

Here, you can view the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh. Sadly, no pictures are allowed here except the one below.

Also, if you’re here to see the famous artwork by the man himself, “The Starry Night”, it wasn’t on exhibit, it is currently at the MoMA Museum of Modern Art.

Tickets: €17 (Adults), free for Children 18 years old and below

If you read this after January 2018, the price has been increased to €18.

Multimedia guide: €5 (Adults), €3 (Age 13-17)

Operating hours: Opens daily 9am to 5pm, Fridays till 10pm

Address: Museumplein 6, Amsterdam


4) Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Ok, so there is indeed a Royal family in Amsterdam which i wasn’t aware of, but now i know. The palace grounds is very prominently located at Dam Square near the Madame Tussaud’s Museum.

These are really old buildings worthy to take note of, i really like how people from the era designed and take pride in their art and coming up with so much using so little.

Tickets: €10 (Adults), €9 (Students), Free for those below 18 years old

Multimedia tour: Inclusive (be sure to point at the different “squares” to have a fuller experience walking around — they too have riddles and short stories to keep you entertained!

Operating hours: Daily 10am to 5pm

Check out their website before visiting to avoid disappointment as they do close the palace for private or Royal functions / activities.


If you will be visiting many museums on your trip here, you can consider getting the Museum Card which gives you free entry for most museums in the city. Here’s the link which you can start your research on: https://www.amsterdam.info/museums/museumkaart/

There are also other note worthy and famous museums you should visit but these are the ones we decided on, hope the information helped you in one way or another, enjoy museum-hopping!

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