A healthier tomorrow with MILO Protein Granola

What do you have for your breakfast? Chicken porridge? Cereal with milk? Scratch that! Give this awesome bowl of MILO Protein Granola a go! Don’t just mix it with milk, grab a yogurt of your choice and mix it all in with MILO Protein Granola! This wonder combination that is definitely worth a try!

Milo Protein Granola with mixed berry yogurt, blue berry and strawberries!

For people who are actively exercising, when you need your protein, you can consider MILO Protein Granola! It is basically MILO packed with crunch whole grain oat bunches plus protein from soy all wrapped together! It contains 40% more protein than a regular Granola brand and at the same time, 25% less sugar!

The usual Granola that I have are always too sweet for my taste and I do not really like how it is sometimes too dry and flaky to munch down or too sticky to eat it on its own. MILO Protein Granola however, is not sweet at all and you can definitely eat it on its own without it absorbing all the moisture in your mouth 😂

The first scoop that I had from the bowl definitely made me craved for more. It is crunchy, totally not cloying sweet and yet still have the same old MILO taste.

Not only it is good on its own, you can have additional toppings of your own choice to make your breakfast even better. I would recommend adding fruits such as blueberries and strawberries or you can even add nuts too!

Just look at this beauty!

Right now it is available at all major supermarket, hypermarkets and selected eRetailers in Singapore. And the price of $6.25 for a 300g box, it will definitely kick off your day with a bang!

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