A KFC fish tank “Open Kitchen Concept” in Tampines

Ever wondered how your favourite KFC chicken pieces are prepared? Are you curious of the mysterious 11 herbs and spices used in those tasty chicken? You might be able to find out and create your own KFC franchise just from looking at it! (it’s a joke. there is no way you can find out because its a secret recipe!)

KFC Singapore is proud to kick off its “KFC Open Kitchen” programme where guests are brought into the highly guarded kitchens, allowing guests to become a #KFCInsider.


It is amazing to view the works of the KFC chefs, passionated about their work, they faithfully followed the steps that was created by the founder Mr Colonel Sanders.

One of the secrets that was revealed is it’s unique “7-10-7” breading technique, which consists of ‘rolling’ 7 times in a basket after being cleaned and rinsed to remove any excess moisture, tossing the chicken in the breading flour for 10 times using a ‘scoop and lift’ motion and pressed into the breading flour for 7 times to ensure the ideal flour-to-chicken coating ratio on each pieces. All Original Recipe chickens are hand-breaded in an exact sequence with its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

After all the preparation, the chicken is placed into this unique basket and put it into the pressure fryer and fried to the golden color and fragrant chicken that we recognize.

And voila!

Just in case we need any guidances, KFC has its way too! We managed to spot these pictures that explicitly tells the chefs how to place the chicken onto the basket and onto the tray!

From 8 April 2019, you are able to register online for a 35-minutes tour into KFC kitchen and explore the depths of the magnificently created chicken for a ticket pass at S$15! It comes with a KFC goodie bag and a 2 pieces chicken meal with sides and drink! Register online now at https://www.kfc.com.sg/OpenKitchen and book your adventure!

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