A peek into “Sparkling White” Party with a new flavor in town. Immerse in new experience to Somersby’s impressive range of ciders!

Somersby —  which i believe is no stranger to you, has launched a New Flavour in town – Sparkling White. Simply put, it is a cider made to taste just like white wine, of course with a lower alcohol percentage. Thus, go ahead and chug more! It comes in a pack of 4, and is available in all Supermarkets and Hypermarts and Convenience Stores. Here, we also tasted the other flavours in the Somersby range such as : Apple, Pear, Rose, Blackberry (a tad too sweet), and Elderflower Lime (my favourite).

Since white wine goes well with white meat, you’d be glad to offer this to your friends if you’re hosting a seafood or chicken party, or even when you’re out on picnics to say, Marina Barrage. At a 330ml bottle size, definitely more handy than lugging a wine bottle out, isn’t it?

Check out their website for more details, otherwise go get yourself a pack of 4 and let me know if you love this new pick! I sure did 🙂

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