An innovative and healthy steamboat experience at Steam Box

Steam Box is a restaurant that revamps traditional steamboat by incorporating the age-old cooking technique of steam-cooking. It aims to bring about a whole new dining experience that is hearty yet healthy in today’s health-conscious world. We were really excited to try this innovative steamboat experience.

A high speed steaming technology is used to cook a wide array of ingredients available from seafood to meat and dishes like dim sum and chawanmushi.

We started off by selecting the soup base that we wanted, the Herbal Collagen Chicken Soup. After which, we selected the various ingredients and dishes which they offer. Besides the Herbal Collagen Chicken Soup, they have a Pork Rib Lotus Soup and Base of Seafood soup.

Chef’s Specialty Paper Wrapped Mala Grouper Fillet – this is dish was a real delight, as it combines two of my current favorite items together, mala and fish fillet. The spice and mala level are not too overpowering that we were still able to taste the sweetness and freshness of the fish.

XO Sauce Rice Roll – similar to the traditional chee cheongfun but with a twist with the addition of the sauce. Surprisingly this two goes well together and we all had to have a second helping!

Handmade Cuttlefish Paste and Balls is one of the dishes you cannot miss! The cuttlefish paste was a delight, as the roe on top of the paste pops in your mouth with every bite. Providing a variety of texture in each bite. The paste and balls taste fresh and really sweet, as they are made fresh daily.

Beef lovers can try out their Braised Beef. The beef was really tender, however there is a strong beef taste that might not be something that everyone can take.

They have also introduced two new Meat Flower Rings. The Marinated Beef and Chef’s Sliced Fish — these meat flower ring was really too pretty eat. For the beef, upon steaming, it managed to retained its natural sweetness. It was flavorful and tender! Besides the meat flower ring, they too have the Chef’s Sliced Fish, which was also a favourite at the table. 

To end off the meal by added our remaining ingredients into our soup base that has been infused with the flavors of the food that was steamed earlier. The soup was rich with the taste of the herbal ingredients and was not as salty as we expected it to be, a soup-er ending to the meal!

Steam Box

68 Serangoon Garden Way S555964

Contact Number: 6281 6939

Facebook and Instagram: steamboxsg

Opening Hours:

Monday (Closed)

Tuesday – Thursday from 6pm – 12.30am

Friday and Eve of Public Holiday from 6pm – 1.30am

Saturday and Public Holiday from 12pm – 1.30am)

Sunday from 12pm – 12.30am

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