Asia’s Got Talent Sands Theatre Season 3

The past two weeks have been really exciting as we got the chance to see 9 finalists performing their best to win Asia’s Got Talent Season 3. The competition took place at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Nine different acts consisting of dance, singing, magic, shadow art, intellectual and acrobatic performances. All picked by the 3 judges of this season, David Foster, Anggun and Jay Park.

We have Eric Chien who does magic with his very fast hands that you can hardly believe what he has done. His performances have stunned the audience and caused us to rub our eyes in hopes of getting a glimpse of the trick. He was recently crowned as the winner of the Close-up Magic category of Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, also referred to as the World Championships of Magic, in 2018.

As for the dance groups, we have JUNIOR GOOD VIBES and MANIAC Family. JUNIOR GOOD VIBES is a hip hop and street dance crew from the Philippines. The crew, which comprises of 16 members aged between 17 to 25 years old, stole the attention of the audience with their powerful and exciting performances. We could feel the youthful energy released on stage and how eager they are to show their strong dance choreography and acrobatic moves. MANIAC Family is another powerhouse dance group consisting of a teacher and her students who have been practicing ‘like maniacs’ in the past few years for Asia’s Got Talent. Despite specialising in the genre of hip-hop, the troupe aims to showcase their Chinese culture through their dance, costumes and styling.

Next up, the singing category includes NAMA and Siti Saniyah, both have very powerful vocals that wowed the audience and have them listening with awe. NAMA is a talented hijab-clad girl group that impressed Judges Anggun and Jay Park. The group first met while studying in university in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is determined to prove that strong women can have ambitions. Indonesian singer Siti Saniyah impressed the judges so much that she received the first Judges’ Pick of the season.

The acrobatic teams are Power Duo and YANG SHIH HAO. YANG SHIH HAO is a 26-year-old Cyr Wheel dancer from Taiwan. His performances seems to have a touching story to it, making them abstract and alluring. Power Duo is a contemporary acrobatic dance duo, a couple. The pair, Jervin Minor and Ajha Portale, is also known to demonstrate a great level of trust in all their performances. As a finale of their Grand Final performance, they showed an extreme level of trust between them. One did a free fall from a considerable height, with complete trust that the other will safely catch and embrace her warmly. Such a romantic and wonderful scene.

Philip Galit of Shadow Ace, a family of three, has impressively nimble fingers that can transform into all sorts of shapes. By simply relying on light and mini props, he is able to create shadows that tell stories. During his audition, Philip shared that growing up, his family did not have enough money for electricity supply in their home. This eventually led to him discover the art of shadow play using his hands, flashlight and candlelight.

YAASHWIN SARAWANAN, at a young age of fifteen years old has a nobel goal of trying to prove that mathematics is a fun and interesting subject through his performances. Through different fun antics, he wants to show people how one can have fun learning the subject. He was also crowned the International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition champion in 2017.

All of the nine acts were all voted for publicly and one act will ultimately win Asia’s Got Talent Season 3 and get the grand prize of US$100,000.

A great congratulations to Eric Chien being crowned as the winner of Asia’s Got Talent Season 3. I am sure we can expect more great performances and achievements from him in future. We are also anticipating to what the other grand finalists will be venturing into and how they will grow to be better performers.

Written by: Coralle Wong

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