Casio has once again up its game by adding their latest addition to its FR series – EX-FR100L! Really perfect for ladies, because it also means #selfietime! It has settings to make our legs longer and slimmer, guides as to where to stand and position yourself to achieve that effect.

Not only that, they too have the Make-up Art function with two modes, 1) Make-up Vivid 2)Make-up HDR, all to make your face more beautifully flawless and the background more vibrant, it is really easy to use as well. Ladies can now rejoice, especially those who love taking selfies, with this camera, we don’t really need an actually human to take an #ootd for you any longer. 

Ok, time for pictures to do the talking, 

This is the Make-up Vivid mode, if you notice, you will be able to observe that the colour saturation and background is very much contrasted for that pop-art feel. I took this with the help of just my tripod, it is all controlled and taken using the camera screen in my hands. 

Long legs guide:

1) You can use it standing or sitting 

2) Position yourself to follow the two rectangular boxes at the top and bottom, the top rectangle is where your head should go and the bottom, for your legs. Instructions needs to be followed in order to achieve the long legs effect

3) Take your picture! 

Long Legs standing:

Long Legs sitting:

And yes if you’d like to use the Long Legs function together with the Make-up Art modes, you may! 

I combined the long legs with Make-up HDR, this is what you will get – my background colours are nicely contrasted with clear colours and making it look artistic! 


Under the shade:

It not only helps to beautify your surroundings and makes it look like a painting, it also allows you to adjust your skin tone and skin smoothness. 

At the pool, i wanted to take a fun water shot, notice how fast the capture is to be able to capture the tiny water droplets! Not only that, you can take a look at the colour of the water in the pool and the palm trees at the back, this picture has no additional filter (yes).

One more thing, the camera is also “water-friendly” as it can be taken underwater to capture your water adventures, and “drop-friendly”, withstanding a drop of 1.7 metres. Going on a holiday and worried it might not be able to take the cold weather? Fret not, it is specially built to function under negatives, it will still function properly in temperatures as low as -5 degree celcius. 

This is how the camera looks like in PINK. It can be used in 3 ways:

1) Self-protrait style 

2) Camera style

3) Remote style

I personally also like this camera for its smartphone connectivity, which enables me to send pictures to my mobile for any uploading immediately, easy and fuss-free (plus, no longer need to edit or add on any filter!)

Are you convinced yet? The camera will exclusively be launching on 16 March 2017, at the IT show. It retails at $699 and comes in two colours- white and pink. 

Hit me up should you want more feedback and you can try it on my camera too! More pictures on the Instagram account: @rachaelwong ❤️

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