What to eat at the Jewel Changi Airport (4 outlets)


O’TAH (Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard #B2-241)

Lee Wee Brothers has launched a brand new F&B Concept “O’TAH” at Jewel Changi Airport. They unveiled their first-ever Otah Collection which includes four different flavours.

The variations includes Pink Salmon Otah, Scallop Otah, Cream Cheese & Corn Otah, and Green Petai & Anchovy Otah. Our favourite of the lot is the Pink Salmon and the Cream Cheese & Corn Otah! A warning though: its very spicy, at least for me as i cant really take the heat.

Now, our ultimate favourite is the Ben’s Burger showcasing a crispy mackerel fish patty, tomato, purple cabbage, caramelised onion and sunny side up, all sandwiched between fluffy charcoal buns. This one was also quite spicy, but i guess the other components of the burger helped to cut the spices, we enjoyed this.

If you’re feeling pekish and just want a snack, you can get their O’TAH fries, similar to how we like spam fries, this one is a nice fried piece of solid otah (mackerel fish meat), and yes, its spicy too.


YUN NANS (云海肴) (78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #02-217)

Hailing all the way from Yun Nan, this is a first in 10 years for the brand to venture out of its country to Singapore. The restaurant specialises in highland cuisine where most of the ingredients, such as wild porcini, wild black truffle, wheat pumpkin (green pumpkin) and jasmine flowers, rose and chrysanthemum, are free of pollution.

Steam Pot Chicken Soup 云海肴汽锅鸡[S$23.90]
It is YUN NANS’s signature dish where the restaurant uses only a special breed, black feet chickens for their soup. In addition to that, with a special cooking technique, they do not use even a single drop of water. The chicken is pressure-steamed for three hours to give really tender chicken and clear soup.
Stir Fried Wild Porcini Mushroom with Dried Chillies干椒野生牛肝菌[S$24.90]
This savoury and aromatic dish comprises of wild porcini with special Yunnan chillies. The quick frying of the porcini gives it a slight crunchy texture with deep flavours. You should order this if you like savoury dishes with a slight spice.
Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass 傣味香茅草烤鲈鱼[$22.90]
This is extremely flavourful and the tinge of sourness from the chilli seasoning is refreshing. The sea bass is marinated with 6 types of spices then grilled over charcoal before chilli seasoning mix is drizzled on top.
Raspberry Juice with Tamarind 野生酸角树莓汁[$4.90]
YUN NANS’ popular signature drink in China, with over 300 glasses sold per day at each restaurant. Raspberry is blended and mixed with tamarind water to make this refreshing drink. This drink is really good and quenches your thirst.

Kam’s Roast (78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #02-210)

This second outlet will be offering its usual signature roasts and cured sausages. They will also be offering special packages that targets tourists that want to bring back to their country if their country permits.
The Roast Duck Travel Gift Pack [$60+], comprises of the restaurant’s signature roast duck in a handy travel gift pack that travellers can bring on their flight journeys.
The cured sausages [$25+per box]—lean pork or goose liver—will also be available in boxes so travellers can enjoy them back at home or gift them as souvenirs.
Promotions for the cured sausages are as follows:
Get 2 boxes and enjoy 5 % discount
Get4 boxes and enjoy 10% discount
Get6 boxes and above and enjoy15% discount
These special discounts will be available exclusively at the new Jewel outlet.
To celebrate the opening, the restaurant will offer two promotions as well:
  • Lunch Takeaway Promotion (10am to 5pm)
Free upgrade of half marinated egg + 2 slices of marinated tofu with any order of roast meaton rice/noodles
  • S$1 for Cured Sausages [worthS$8.80++] with minimum spend of S$40 for dine-in only.
The promotions will run until 26 May 2019 for Jewel and Pacific Plaza outlets.
myEureka (78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #B2-251)
If you have not heard of this popcorn brand, you need to hurry get a few packets from them and see what the hype is about. They have a total of 22 flavours that suits the palates of different continents.

1. Durian
2. Salted Egg
3. Rendang (Jewel Exclusive)
4. Curry
5. Spicy Cuttlefish
6. BBQ
7. White Coffee
8. Cocoa Malt

Europe & US:
1. Tomato
2. Cheese
3. Dark Chocolate
5. Sour Cream & Onion
6. Original Sea Salt
7. Butterscotch
8. Butter Caramel
9. Cereal Butter Caramel

1. Matcha (Jewel Exclusive)
2. Wasabi
3. Seaweed

Kimchi (Jewel Exclusive)

Rendang, Tomato and Salted Egg popcorns are some of the recommendations that we have for new customers. Many like the fact that they have a mixture of sweet and savoury options to choose from.
We hope that you have enjoyed this little compilation we did, we were there on Day 1 of the Jewel preview and visited a few outlets! Do go early as most of the outlets at the Jewel require queueing. Enjoy Shopping!

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