Chill over cheesy goodness and beers at Kushikatsu Tanaka

Kanpai! That’s what you could always do at Kushikatsu Tanaka in Clarke Quay and never fear that you will be out of options to accompany that chill beer!

Now, with the first ever Ultimate Mega Cheese Festival in town, Kushikatsu Tanaka offers you a wide range of cheesy new creations! Be sure to order the Chiritori Cheese Nabe, at the price of 18 dollars, once you ordered it, you can never get enough! I drooled as I watch the cheese melts and covers the entire plate, just could not wait to feast on this Cheese Nabe :O

If you ever want to get yourself a hands on experience, get yourself a DIY mashed potato set, topped with mentaiko, golden ramen egg, and Japanese mayo and mash away! The end result is a sensational taste that will tingle your tastebud!

At this point of time, get yourself a chilled Jim Beam Highball and stand a chance to win another free Jim Beam Highball in a game of Chinchirorin!

Of course, the enjoyment does not stop there. Only in Kushikatsu Tanaka Singapore, you get yourself a chili crab dipping sauce at only a price of $2 or you can get a set of Kushikatsu dipping sauces at $4 with 3 different flavours, chili crab, japanese curry and nacho cheeeseee.

And what to go with the sauces? It will not none other than the skewers that Kushikatsu Tanaka offers! Made from a secret family recipe, these crisp-fried skewers at Kushikatsu Tanaka ab-solutely delicious. What makes it magical is that it does not have an overly greasy aftertaste! Just to let you know, the sauces I used to dip all these skewers are all gone without a trace >:)

Be sure to try out their Black Pepper Chicken Tebasaki or a plate of classic Cheese Peiyaki omelette, topped with mayo and spring onions if you ever feel that these skewers are not enough for you.

Skewers, skewers, skewers! Well, if you crave for something sweet and cute, a Mini Taiyaki Kushi will definitely suits you! Only at $2, you can taste satisfy your sweet tooth with a fish shaped pancake with sweet red bean filling 🙂

The experience that I have at Kushikatsu Tanaka was definitely enjoyable and the atmosphere was cosy and people-friendly. I watched as friends, colleagues, couples all gathered together, laughing, chatting and gossiping as all stress and days worries are nowhere to be seen.

So come on down to Kushikatsu Tanaka and have yourself an enjoyable evening like I did!

Kushikatsu Tanaka

Address: 3A River Valley Road, Merchant Court, Clarke Quay Block A #01-01B, 179020

Operating hours:
Mon – Fri : 12pm – 2:30pm, 5pm – 12am
Saturday 12pm–1am
Sunday 12pm–12am


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