DUOTOU clam season is back in PUTIEN!

Dubbed as the King of Clams, DUOTOU clams are once again back at One-Michelin Star PUTIEN! You might be wondering, what exactly are DUOTOU Clams? DUOTU Clams are named after a village in the coastal city of Putian – where the locals there have been breeding clams for generations. These clams are being bred in Duo Tou’s Village nutrient-rich black mud. With such fertile breeding grounds, these DUOTOU clams can grow up to a length of 6cm and are distinctively fleshy, plump and succulent to the taste! These DUOTOU clams have a very unique appearance as well. With two feeler like features on them, these clams sure look as if they have many heads which suites their name DUOTOU (“many heads”).

This year, the the culinary team at PUTIEN will be serving up these succulent and fresh DUOTOU clams in eight different ways! And to all you spicy lovers out there, you’re in luck as two new spicy flavours: Stir-fried Sambal Chives and Thai-flavoured DUOTOU Clam are being introduced this year.

To start off the clam feast, we have the Baked DUOTOU Clam on Hot Plate. This dish has been the bestseller for three consecutive years and I finally understood why after having a taste of it myself!

Baked DUOTOU Clam on Hot Plate ($21.80++)

The baked DUOTOU Clams are served pipping hot on a bed of sea salt. After you open these golden-shelled molluscs, you’ll be greeted by a fat and juicy piece of clam in its full glory. You can either have it plain or gently dip it onto the bed of sea salt. As there are no sauces or spices in this dish, you will be able to taste the actual freshness and sweetness of the DUOTOU Clams and I can guarantee you, you will definitely not be disappointed! By dipping it on the sea bed, the salt helps to further enhance the sweetness of the clams.

Next up, we have one of the two new spicy flavours: Thai-flavoured DUOTOU Calm.

Thai-flavoured DUOTOU Clam ($21.80)

This dish brings me right back to the beaches of Thailand. Tossed in a homemade Thia sauce with 6 different fruits and vegetables, this is definitely an ampped up version of the traditional Thai papaya/ mango salad BUT with DUOTOU Clams. A burst of flavours and textures hits you once you have a mouthful of this dish. First the sweetness of the chewy clams, next the tanginess of the tropical fruits followed by the crunch from the peanuts and lastly the heat from the onions and sauce. Every ingredient gels well together and this dish makes a perfect appetiser.

To follow on will be the Steamed DUOTOU Clams with Wine.

Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Wine ($22.80)

These clams are filled to the brim in a bowl and steamed with Huadiao Jiu, a traditional Chinese wine. For this dish, the aroma of the wine is gently infused with the sweetness of the clams. Hence, the best way to eat these clams would be to soak them in the alcoholic broth and have both of them together! Mmmm….

The next three DUOTOU clam dishes are more home-cooked style dishes which is definitely comfort food and all you need is a bowl of warm steamed rice to go with it! You will never go wrong with such combinations of the clams! They are none other than the Stir-fried DUOTOU Clam with Ginger & Spring Onion, Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Minced Garlic and DUOTOU Clam Omelette.

Stir-fried DUOTOU Clam with Ginger & Spring Onion ($21.80++)
Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Minced Garlic ($19.80)
DUOTOU Clam Omelette ($22.80++)

Also, the familiarity and simplicity of the taste of these three dishes will keep you going back for more servings!

Moving on to the seventh DUOTOU dish, we have the Salted Spicy DUOTOU Clam.

Salted Spicy DUOTOU Clam ($22.80++)

For this dish, the DUOTOU Clams are lightly battered with chopped chilli, salt and pepper and then deep-fried to a crisp. This dish reminds me of the popular Taiwanese night market snack – Salt and Pepper Chicken (盐酥鸡) but a slightly less sinful version. This dish is best paired with beer or any alcoholic beverages and it is highly addictive!

Lastly, we have the Stir-fried Sambal Chives with DUOTOU which is the other new spicy flavour introduced this year.

This hot number is a harmonious balance of South-East Asian flavours where the luscious clams are stir-fried with fresh chives and sambal. The freshness of the chives and clams helps to cut through the strong flavour of the sambal hence neutralising the greasiness of the sambal proving a good balance. This new dish is definitely worth the try for spicy food lovers out there!

PUTIEN will be offering these eight DOUTOU Clam dishes from now till 31 July 2019! Also an order combination of any two different types of DUOTOU Clam dishes is priced at only $39.90 (member price: $35.80)! So be sure to check them out before they are off the menu!

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