Enjoy Authentic Cantonese cuisine at East Bistro

We were treated to the Chinese New Year menu at East Bistro and they do serve up legit and authentic Cantonese food. If you’re a Cantonese, this place at myVillage may just live up to your expectations. Especially when CNY is just round the corner, you can start thinking of where to take your family and love ones out for dinner!

Starting with the Steamed Garoupa Fish in HK style, it was a sweet fresh taste, with its meat kept firm to the bite! This one is a good addition to the table for the festive season!

Iced Sweet & Sour Pork, we are sure you have heard of this popular dish, but with this served on ice, it’s a first for us! This one is a must order, the exterior separates from the interior and the meat remains succulent and soft. The crispy coat of flour drenched with sweet and sour sauce keeps us wanting more!

Smoked Chicken in Ginger Taste is actually a smoked chicken using a traditional HK recipe. Using only kampung chickens for its tender meat, it is then steamed to retain its flavour and moisture. Also, it’s infused with a strong ginger taste.

Crispy Rice with Crab in soup is a super flavourful, tasty, pack with a punch dish! Everyone was raving over this and had at least two bowls. The textures of both the Fried Rice and Boiled Rice complements each other. If you’re not a fan of rice, you could get the Ee Mian Noodles option instead.

Chilled Double Boiled Snow Lotus Seed is made using specially imported seeds from Hong Kong, ensuring its high quality! The Chef takes pride in this and goes personally to Hong Kong to get the seed! It has an interesting glue like texture, you need to try it to understand what we mean.

Pomelo sago, this one is created by the in house Chef, he is the originator of this dessert and he uses actual mango for this refreshing and sweet dessert.

Another nice sweet ending to the meal was this Red Date Cake, a traditional treat and delicacy eaten during Chinese New Year. Using large red dates, and made into a purée, it’s added together with dried longans and large red dates. Made upon request and sold per Kg for take away at $21.80++.

Now you have an idea where to visit during CNY! Have a blessed celebration!

East Bistro @ myVillage

Address:  1 Maju Ave, #02-01 MyVillage, Singapore 556679

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