First ever Mala Dry/Soup Ramen at Menya Kokoro @100AM

Step aside, salted egg yolk. These days, Mala(麻辣)is the new trend. And Menya Kokoro, in conjunction with their new 100AM outlet is pulling out all the stops to marry Mala and Ramen into a delectable dish. 

Furious Mala MazeSoba and Furious Mala Ramen Soup (Regular, $14.80; Large, $16.80) comes in three levels of spiciness to cater to individuals’ tolerance for spicy food. If you haven’t tried Mala in your life, I would say start with level 1, and then progressively level up. You would want to be able to taste your food for the rest of the meal after all 😉

Furious Mala Ramen Soup ($14.80)

For me, Mala Mazesoba level 2 was truly gratifying – with springy noodles, fiery and tingly sensation from the Szechuan peppers, yet still retaining that unique soba elements with the spring onions and onsen egg. The Mala Ramen, on the other hand, looks intense. And is intense. The chilli oil on the surface says it all. Those who like it real hot, knock yourself out!

Furious MazeSoba (Regular: $14.80)
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Offering an alternative dish for non-spicy takers is the Yuzu Pork Hiyashi Cold Ramen ($13.80). This was a much needed respite, life-saver perhaps, after bouts of mala firing us up. The zesty notes were truly invigorating – a perfect dish to beat the lunchtime heat for those working around the area! Have vegan friends in the group? Bring em along to savour the vegan version as chashu is replaced with inari and onsen egg 🙂

Yuzu Pork Hiyashi Cold Ramen ($13.80)

Besides new Mala revelations, new side dishes were launched as well. We had the Salted Kombu Cabbage ($3.80) – crunchy veggies that were mixed with inhouse dressing and topped with salted kombu strips – certeinaly whetted my appetite! (do reserve some as you take breaks in between the mala battles heh!) The Nagoya Style Kakiage ($3.80) was my personal favorite. Deep-fried strips of onion, carrot, sweet potato drenched with sweet-spicy Nagoya style sauce. Yumz. I literally had to restrain myself from finishing the bowl to make space for what’s ahead.

Nagoya Style Kakiage ($3.80)
Salted Kombu Cabbage ($3.80)

To celebrate the opening of their 100AM outlet, as well as the newly launched fiery dishes, go in groups of 4 and get a free special Ultimate Furious Mala Mazesoba for every 3 main orders 🙂

PS: i heard the Ultimate Furious Mala Mazesoba is not even found in the main menu!

Menya Kokoro 100 Tras Street
Tel: +65 6443 1727

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