First Cafe-inspired Ippudo in the world – Star Vista

Star Vista has welcomed their newest tenant, Ippudo! Also introducing new cafe-inspired dishes and coffee on their menu this time.

We started off with Spam Mustard Itame, a brocolli, potato and spam mix with mustard dressing, it may look ordinary but super amazing i would love to have this again, just the brocolli would already make me happy!

Heard of Lasagne, what about Lasagne Gyoza? A creamy tomato based sauce with cheese and gyoza! A little unique but i would prefer my gyoza fried and dripping with meat juice.

Meat lovers would like this Beef Tataki, chewy and marbled with a slightly tangy and refreshing sauce!

This Prawn Tempura with its dip homemade, has a lot of thought and taste put into it – fried to a nice golden crisp.

If you fancy a bowl of ramen (dry version) please go for this Maze Soba, mix everything up with that glorious onsen egg, and a squeeze of lime if you want a sour kick. This is an appetite whetter, slightly spicy and so savoury! We all love this we had seconds.

If you like yours soupy, go for their Tantanmen, with their usual thick broth (so gooood) mix it with the oil and add in your runny seasoned eggs too!

Of course we all have space for dessert right? We had the Almond Jelly noodle and Matcha Creme Brûlée with ice cream, this is great for those who love matcha and like their desserts creamy! Btw, Matcha fans need to try their Iced Matcha Latte, which is only $4.50 (what a steal!) and $4 for the Hot.

Besides all these new additions to Ippudo, they are also collaborating with famed cream bun specialist Hattendo, do look forward to “new” flavours that will be created between these two Japanese establishments, i am already excited!

Ok, and here’s the even better news– Ippudo will be having a great offer on 6 November, 1-for-1 ALL RAMEN on the menu all day, you bet i’ll be there!!

Ok guys, i went for the 1-for-1 and blessed with a really short queue (less than 5 minutes wait time)

The first 500 customers will get a free Hattendo cream bun and we got ours in Matcha flavour! No longer needing to go to Tanjong Pagar for this… because there will be new flavours coming up, only because of the Hattendo X Ippudo collaboration.

Ippudo @ Star Vista #02-19

1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617

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