First Speakeasy-style Steakhouse in Singapore — Fat Belly

Year-old Fat Belly prides themselves by serving up lesser-known cuts rather than the usual prime cuts (ribeye and tenderloin). They use various parts of the cow to curate dishes for their diners, encouraging people to experience a new taste and style.

The open kitchen concept allows you to watch chefs at work and also for open communication — chefs are very friendly and approachable, they can go on and on explaining the cuts and how they create your dish for you, so long you want to hear it they share it so willingly!

Fat Belly is well hidden and nested inside a Gelato Parlour “Sugarhaus” so keep a lookout and enter through the front door of Sugarhaus!

The 10-seater Fat Belly just introduced a brand new Alternative Steak Experience. Follow me through as you experience it visually.

For the Set Menu ($78), we started with a Pre-Dinner snack, which is rather addictive. It’s like a thin cracker with beef salt sprinkled all over. Unknowingly, you find yourself finishing at least half the bowl.

Foie Gras Creme Brûlée topped with a coral tuile, it’s texture is closer to a foie gras pâté and has a creamy finish. This one here might be a little heavy for some.

Beef Intercostals Skewer with a Chimmichurri sauce,

I’m sure you have heard and eaten pork Char Siew all the time. This one here is Beef Char Siew. Char Siew is done using beef rib — this is so unique, definitely a first for me, having beef instead of pork and yet the glazed and charred flavours are well brought out.

Mini burger with ground Wagyu beef and gouda cheese, the buns are also made in house! Soft fluffy buns to accompany the slightly saltier ground beef, it’s very satisfying.

Wagyu Marble Beef, score 7-8 Tri tip, this was truly melt-in-the-mouth good, by the time we got to this dish we were pretty stuffed but we couldn’t forgo this, it’s super succulent, tender and keeps you wanting. But the beef taste is quite strong so those who can’t take the strong gamey smell should eat with caution. This Tri Tip is only available in the set menu and not ala carte.

Besides the Set Menu, we had some sides, the Creamed Kale and Sautéed Mushrooms were appetising and great a sharing dish — they do not have vegetarian food here so the sides makes for a great item for the not-so-strict vegetarians to have.

This one here is their Wagyu Marble Score 4-5 Onglet Steak ($35), not part of the Set Menu. This one has slightly more bite as compared to the Tri-tip and is one of Fat Belly’s hot favourite among customers.

This meal was a great Alternative Experience and you can try it for yourself now. I went home with a “Fatter” Belly! The Set Menu will be available till further notice and you’d be happy with this meal!!

Fat Belly

Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #01-04 Singapore 258748

Telephone: 63142247

Opening Hours:

Sun-Thur 6pm-10pm

Fri & Sat 6pm-11pm

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