Frapas Bar — A new concept by Saveur

Saveur at The Cathay has undergone a major change in terms of name, menu and concept to encourage communal dining, with more dishes that are meant for sharing. Now, the outlet is named Frapas Bar by Saveur and serve Tapas style food. They have gained success with this new concept at the Century Square outlet hence bringing this change to The Cathay outlet. 

Frapas Bar by Saveur’s menu is drastically different from Saveur, only Saveur’s signature items like Saveur Pasta and Duck Confit would be made available. The rest of the menu will be refreshingly new as innovative dishes have been created through months of research. Some of them are Valrhona Beef Bourguignon, Escargot on Bone Marrow, Stuffed Squid and Salmon Tartare.

Starting off with a drink, we got the margarita to cool off from the afternoon heat.


A classic drink that is really light and refreshing with a slight hint of sourness.

Freshly Shucked Oysters [$2 each], this one here is a splendid deal for all the freshness you can get.

Valrhona Beef Bourguignon [$14]

The beef stew is stewed in red wine, bacon, carrots and lastly valrhona chocolate. It is quite rare to have beef or any food cooked with chocolate. The chocolate taste is not prominent and the beef is soft and tender, followed by a little yet bittersweet aftertaste from the chocolate. There are also tiny pieces of bacon hiding around the bowl of beef chucks.

Escargot on Bone Marrow [$20]

The most interesting one, we have eaten escargot a few times but never escargot on bone marrow. The amount of bone marrow is insane and those who love how creamy and rich it is, you will love this dish. There is even a piece of bread beside to spread all the extra bone marrow after eating the escargot.

Crabmeat Croquette [$9]

The croquette has fennel, cucumber, red chilli, spring onion and coconut. If you realise, there is a pattern for the dishes introduced so far, they all have at lease one unique factor, be it the ingredient or the dish itself. This is how Frapas prides themselves in deliver the best in every dish.

Salmon Tartare [$9]

It has a clean taste with small diced salmon, avocado, shallots, jalepeno, cucumber, pickled ginger, honey and edible flowers 

Foie Gras [$12]

Foie gras with apricot puree and mixed nuts. The rich and buttery taste of the foie gras compliments with the sour apricot puree. 

Rillette Dumplings [$7]

Duck rillette, pickled onions and gherkins stuffed in a wrap. Inside it has very obvious strands of duck rillette and the texture is similar to pulled pork. Smear your dumplings with mentaiko sauce for maximum satisfaction. Those who have a palate for richer tasting food, will enjoy this.

Saveur Pasta [$6]

Here come the signature item of Saveur that is praised by many people and it has left an impression to those who have tasted this dish. The pasta is so beautifully crafted and plated neatly with sakura ebi nestled right on top and sprinkled around it. With chilli oil, the pasta has a little spice to it though it is almost unnoticeable, it keeps people coming back for this representative dish. 

Trio of Scallops [$16]

Fat and juicy scallops atop a bed of mint, basil, parsley and anchovies. The strongest scent and taste would be the mint and parsley that compliments the fresh sea clam.

Chocolate Moist Fudge [$9]

Moist fudge cake with yet another interesting ingredient of rose in it (their secret ingredient) and drizzled with chocolate fudge. Cocoa crumble, crispy slices of sugar and raspberries are decorated at the top. Ice cream tasted like old-fashioned vanilla.

Pretty sure one of these dishes have intrigued your curiosity, well you are in luck as they are having a great promotion right now. When you visit Frapas Bar, come with a group to get the 4 pax experience set that costs $80 and top up $20 for 4 cocktails/mock tails. 

The set includes the following,

Saveur Pasta
Burrata Tomato
Crabmeat Croquette
Octopus Leg

Garlic Prawns
Duck Confit
Pariser Schnitzel
Sophia’s Risotto

Frapas Bar is bound to attract much attention with its innovative and game-changing dishes. It is also very affordable with the quality and standard of food they are offering. 

Frapas Bar by Saveur

Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd, #01-11/12 The Cathay, Singapore 229233

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 12pm–1am, Fri-Sat 12pm–2am 

*Kitchen Last Order: 11pm

Contact: 6735 1141



Instagram: @frapasbar

Written by: Coralle Wong

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