Fresh cuts from Butcher’s Kitchen

Does regular char siew (Barbecued meat) bore you? Have been disappointed by restaurants that take shortcuts and serve subpar meat quality?

Come down to Butcher’s Kitchen today and you won’t have to experience in any of that! Tuck into the Singapore’s first-ever Flaming Char Siew! Not only that, Butcher’s Kitchen also serves Whisky flavoured char siew with its own homemade wanton and absolutely delicious noodles! All made from fresh cuts from the Butcher’s Kitchen itself.

Butcher’s Kitchen is proud to announce 3 mouth-watering dishes: Whiskey Char Siew, Whiskey Chips and Whisky Steak, all at the price of $12.80, $5.80 and $27.80 respectively.

The Whiskey Char Siew is accompanied by its fair share of wanton and noodles. The wanton was filled with fresh juicy shrimp and minced pork.  The texture of the egg noodles is ‘Q’ (springy) and soft, hits the all right spots for me.

As for the chips, I have to say it is one of the most tediously prepared chips. Made in-house, each slice of chip is thin and crunchy. More importantly, even when you eat a little too much of them, you won’t feel sick in the stomach.

The Whiskey Steak are on point, using premium quality black angus ribeye steak, the chef is able to bring out the best from the cut. It is organic, free-range and grass-fed. The steak is aged for days and infused with whiskey before it is seared to perfection. And I must say, the steak is not only thick, it is succulent and tender!

Well, if you are looking for a spectacular experience at the Butcher’s Kitchen, you can order the Flaming Char Siew at only the price of $10.80. Be ready for some fiery actions right in front of your eyes! 

There is a secret Chinese wine concoction that has been added to the dish, giving its awesome fragrance. Torching the char siew with a sweet and savoury sauce gives it a delicious, caramelised smoked finish.

For me, the dining experience over at Butcher’s Kitchen is unique and fun. They even have their own self pickup counter that you can order your food and take your food without waiting for people to serve you.

From now till 30th April 2019, they are having 50% off for Flaming Char Siew for the 2nd purchase of Flaming Char siew series. Only at Butcher’s Kitchen, you can rest assured that all its meat is fresh, safe and natural!

Butcher’s Kitchen

Address: Suntec City Mall, #02-472, Singapore 038989

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm





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