G Bar & Grill – Wok-Hei meets Bertha Oven

Situated along Henderson Road, G Bar & Grill is a hidden gem for your guilty pleasures from wok-hei centric dishes to roasted meats. This establishment invests heavily in their tools using the Bertha Charcoal Oven – one of the most coveted ovens in the world which is used in Michelin starred restaurants and by world-renowned celebrity chefs. High-grade woks are also used to bring out maximum wok-hei in the local dishes.

Spice Roasted Cashew Nuts ($6.5)

We first kicked off with some Spice Roasted Cashew nuts. It was fragrant and crunchy, with the spice kicking in at the very end. Reminds me of the peanuts served as appetizers in Chinese restaurants, but definitely a notch better with a choice of cashews!

Chilli Crab Mantou ($8.5)

Next up was some homemade chilli crab sauce served with fried golden mantou. Mantou was nice and crispy, which went well with the sauce that was accompanied with chunks of crab meat. Classic combination!

BBQ Short Ribs ($28)

We were then served with Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs & grilled in BERTHA oven. The sous vide tenderized the meat perfectly, with a nice charred finish in the oven. Lightly glazed with BBQ sauce, and accompanied with grilled vegetables, it’s a main that would never go wrong!

G Bar & Grill’s Special Mun Fun

G Bar & Grill’s take on mun fun served with upside down fried rice, thai sausage, pork & oven grilled prawns and squid. This local zhichar favorite was elevated with the smokey finish to the ingredients, while retaining the classic wok-hei in the rice.

Bertha Cheese Tart ($8)
Chendol ($6.5)

For desserts, we gave the Homemade Baked Cheese Tart and Chendol a go! Former was savory and i appreciated the citrus elements within. There was a smokey, charred finish as well which i’m not too big a fan off, some might like it though!

The Chendol was topped with salted gula melaka ice cream. Quite an interesting take on a traditional dessert. Serving was really generous, ice cream was smooth but we thought the gula melaka taste could be stronger.

Oh and great deal alert!! G Bar & Grill will be offering diners a whopping 50% off the total bill if you make a reservation via Eatigo! Try it soon before they get too popular!

G Bar & Grill
201 Henderson Rd #01-06

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