Go-to place for Wholesome, Silky and Flavourful silky home-made porridge

Having experienced great success at its first establishment in NUH Medical Centre, Empress Porridge has been the go-to place for local home cooked meals with a rotating menu that presents its customer with a variety of hearty delights. The concept of rotating dishes through the week is awesome because people would look forward to their favourite dish just like a child would anticipate their mother cooking their favourite food.

Signature Empress Porridge

A mixture of nutritious brown and white rice, cooked with dried scallops, cuttlefish, dried shrimp, tender pork collar and braised peanut. With so many nutritious ingredients in the mixed grain, it is no wonder that it is liked by many. It has a never ending stream of customers during lunch time and considerably much crowded compared to nearby eateries.

Some of the other offerings are Pig Trotter Bee Hoon, Carrot Cake, Prawn Paste Chicken, and Claypot Chicken Rice. Hot favourite is their Prawn Paste Chicken and we will have to agree with the mass because it is so moist and yet crispy. So the next time you’re there, remember to get yourself a portion of those delicious Prawn Paste Chicken!

To make lunch more exciting for their loyal customers, there is now new additions to their menu. Porridge Steamboat is a finely milled porridge base accompanied with an assortment of protein and vegetables to go with. The porridge is slow cooked for hours so as to bring out the sweetness of the rice and achieve a smooth grainless texture.

The ingredients are really fresh and adding them to your porridge steamboat adds flavour and sweetness. After adding all of them into the pot, in just awhile everything will be cooked perfectly. Imagine having this on a chilly and rainy day, it’s almost the kind of meal you would love!

This will keep 2-3 people full for their lunch otherwise you can order an additional small portion of rice if you still need a little something extra.

On the other hand, busy individuals looking for a hearty and nutritious home-cooked meal, Empress’ Take Home Dinner is just the thing for you. Each set comes with 1 bowl of heartwarming soup, slow-cooked daily for up to eight hours, 3 hearty dishes and 1 variation of rice dish.

Empress Porridge is almost like a mother figure for working adults who need their fix of home-cooked food that is nutritious and only the best for them. Porridge does not have to be plain and bland and Empress Porridge has proved that with its signature Empress Porridge and Porridge Steamboat.

Empress Porridge

Address: 1 Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis #01-15 Singapore 138522

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 7.30am – 7.30pm, Sat 8am – 1pm, Sun, PH Closed

Contact: +65 9383 6788 / +65 6909 5228

Website: https://www.empressporridge.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empressporridge/

Instagram: @empressporridge

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