Have a Merry Christmas at Mercure Bugis Santa Christmas Circus Buffet!

Enjoy the upcoming Christmas with Mercure Bugis’s Santa Christmas Circus Buffet! Starting off the buffet, we had the festive soup.

Oven Roasted Butternut Pumpkin Soup with Mascarpone Cheese.

Roasting the Butternut and Pumpkin enhanced the sweetness in the winter squash, coupled with the savory Mascarpone Cheese, the soup is well balanced and not overly greasy. Furthermore, its creamy texture added to the richness of the flavor.

Following, we have the live outdoor BBQ items. The special items that are available only on the eve and Christmas itself is the Tandoori Chicken Kebab with Mushroom and the Mini Crayfish with homemade spices. Fresh from the fire, the chicken kebab is tender and savory while the crayfish is sweet and juicy.

Japanese Scallop with Mentaiko Sauce

My favorite from the BBQ items is definitely the Scallops. The scallops are fresh and chewy by itself, and with the saltier sauce, it taste more flavorful. What’s more, the chef is especially generous with the Mentaiko serving, suiting the palate of Mentaiko lovers like myself.

Other than the BBQ dishes, the buffet also have a variety of hot line specialties.

Truffle Cheese Fondue

This is my first time trying out a truffle cheese fondue and it was AMAZING. It was really exciting seeing the cheese flow in the fondue machine, furthermore, the smell of truffle was so strong that it was the first thing I smelt upon stepping into the room. The taste of the cheese and truffle blended well with each other, the truffle taste not compromising the rich cheese taste. There were also Nacho Crackers, Breadsticks and Cranberry Bread with the dip.

From right: Slow Braised Beef Cheek with Madeira Wine, Black Pepper Pork Ribs, Port Wine Glazed Rack of Lamb, Oven-Roasted Barramundi on Ratatouille with Champagne Sauce.

This plate is overflowing with goodness, the beef cheek is soft and melts at every bite, it has the right amount of saltiness and had a strong taste of wine making the dish taste precious. The pork ribs are tougher than its companions, the strong black pepper flavor seemingly declaring its position as king of the plate. The lamb is tender and chewy, and it does not taste gamy glazed with wine. Finally, the fish has a unique taste topped with champagne sauce, it is slightly savory like the taste of fried fish, but the sauce made it taste sweeter and softer in texture.

Up next is the highlight of the buffet, the carving station items which holds our festive favorites.

Baked 7 Spices Turkey with Homemade Chili Sauce

I usually have my turkey baked the Western way with salt and pepper, but here, the turkey is baked with 7 different spices. The combination of spices with the long hours the turkey is baked enhanced its taste and made it really tender. What made this dish more special is the sauce that comes with it. Dipped in homemade chili sauce, the meat taste more delicious with spikes of spiciness that comes with it. Furthermore, it also has a familiar feeling of home since one might associate its taste with our local chicken rice.

Baked Honey Cinnamon Gammon Ham with Citrus Sauce

Baked with Honey and Cinnamon, the ham is chewy to the right amount of degree and tastes fragrant and salty. Coupled with the slightly sour citrus sauce, it reduces the salty taste of the ham, making it taste lighter and much more flavorful.

German Pork Knuckle with White Pepper or Pineapple Sauce

My favorite of the night is definitely the pork knuckle. It is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Using really fresh pork, the meat is able to maintains its tenderness while not being greasy. The combination of the sweet pineapple sauce with the crunchy and crispy texture of the skin made the dish burst with flavor on every bite. With the saltier and creamy white pepper sauce on the other hand, the dish taste richer and fragrant as oppose to, but not lacking to, the fresh flavor of the former. It is the diversity of this dish that marked it my favorite of the night.

DIY Gingerbread Man

The special event of Mercure Christmas Buffet this year is the DIY Gingerbread man. Customers get to decorate their own gingerbread man while having the buffet. Parents will be able to leave their kids busy at the table while they enjoy all the good food!

Other than the gingerbread man cookie, there are other festive desserts that will make both parents and children happy and joyous!

Buffet Location, Times and Dates:

Location: Mercure Bugis, 122 Middle Rd, Singapore 188973

10 – 23, 26 – 30 Dec 2018:

Lunch: $48++(Adult), $24++(Child)

Dinner: $68++(Adult), $34++(Child)

24 & 25 Dec 2018

Lunch: $68++(Adult), $34++(Child)

Dinner: $88++ (Adult) $44++ (Child)

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