Hokkaido Ramen & Tendon @ Tempura Ten Ten

First time seeing this restaurant as it is located at the back of B1 level where many food and beverage vendors are at. However, this 36-seater restaurant deserves more love with its affordable and heartwarming food. Read more to find out more about their irresistible tempuras and popular ramen.


The perfect dish for those torn between Unagi and Tempura when you are in a Japanese restaurant. Here at Tempura Ten Ten, you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy them at the same time in one dish. For those curious what tempuras are there, it has shitake mushroom, seaweed, long bean, pumpkin, bacon and king prawn tempura. This list of tempura should already entice you however to top it off, you can change the Hokkaido rice change to truffle rice by just paying $1 more. You can choose to have either the original or spicy secret sauce drizzled over your bowl of rice.

Premium King Prawn Tendon

This bowl has 3 huge prawns that are fried in Tokyo style where the batter is light yet crispy. Similar to the Unatendon above, you can expect to have your stomach filled happily with the portion served. Interesting fact: the head chef can differentiate ingredients just by the sizzling sounds it produces in the fryer.

Hokkaido Ramen

Ramen is very popular at Ten Ten where every table is slurping ramen which I later learn the reason why, this restaurant is headed by Head Chef Mamoru Kanaya. He has worked with founder of Ramen Champion and was trained by God of Ramen, Kazuo Yamagishi.

The staff and chef there are very hospitable and happy to offer meal options and explain their dishes to customers. At Tempura Ten Ten, you can enjoy both rice and ramen, depending on your craving for the day.

[Weekend Offer] Get 4 bowls ramen for the price of 3 at Tempura Ten Ten

Address: 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Rd, B1-13 Raffles City Robinsons, 179103

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Contact: 63367457

Instagram: @tempuratentenrc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tempuratentenrc

Written by: Coralle Wong

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