Holey Moley – Golf, but fun!

I wouldn’t blame you if you thought Golf was just a game for our more affluent counterparts and an avenue for businessman to network. I thought the same too, which got turned on it’s head after taking some swings @ Holey Moley! This Aussie owned 2-storey mini golf cocktail bar at Clarke Quay encourages you to take the sport to the next level – drink and putt!

Knock a few of this off before the games 😉
Sugar Caddy

Golf is an intensive sport. And one should always properly hydrate before an activity of such nature. From fancy cocktails, housepours to draft beers, or if you prefer non alcoholic beverages, hit the Caddyshack Bar that’s right around the corner!

My personal favorite would be the Sugar Caddy. Now just as a disclaimer, i don’t have a sweet-tooth, and i’m a fully grown man. Yet, this doesn’t mean i can’t reminisce on some childhood memories with that candy kebab and iconic “popping” sensation from pop rocks! Now with a dose of vodka of course – loved the take on this 😉

The official reporting card (truth hurts :/)

The goofy colored golf balls :>
Taking you to ET land~
This looks easier than it actually is, i promise!
*Special challenge*: ride this one home with a hole in one!
No get-out-of-jail card here, good luck getting out this one!
From a tool for hunting to a modern sports equipment – clubs have came a long way!

After getting boozed up, hit the course head on! Friendly caddies will be standby to guide you in case you can no longer walk straight, so fret not! Just keep the swing low, and make sure you look before you swing haha!

With 27 wacky themed holes over 3 courses, it’s best played in groups of 3 or more for some friendly competition and also the opportunity to witness different permutations of tackling every hole. Those who live for the gram, don’t take the game too seriously – plenty of well-lit, picture perfect spots to up your insta game as well!

1 Metre Mega Pizzzaaaaa!

Technically, golf is a sport – and trust me, we were all exhausted at the end of it all! If in a big group, i’ll definitely recommend the 1 Metre Mega Pizza – available in cheeky flavours like Motherclucker, Prawn to be wild to Beeferoni! If you are just in for some munchies, i’ll surely opt for the savoury and sweet floss-packed Nachos! Food is not the main star here, but overall, the ambiance and adrenaline-packed fun in every game more than makes up for it.

Instead of chilling at a bar or doing oh-so-cliche beer pongs on Friday nights, take a swing at Holey Moley and kick some Putt! After all, it’s par to none. Alright – i’m officially outta puns.

AAJ out.

PS: It’s family fun all day till 5pm! Kids under 18 are welcome with adult accompaniment 🙂

Address: 3B River Valley Road, Singapore 179024
Opening hours: 12pm – 2am
Telephone: 800 492 2410

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