Inventive yet nostalgic Mooncake delights @ Old Seng Choong

Yes, mid-autumn festival may still be 1.5 months away but boy, can you smell the mooncakes bakin’ already! It’s never too early to start cracking on these goodies 🙂

Many might know Old Seng Choong (OSC) for their locally-inspired cookies, while i actually learnt how much attention they dedicate to quality ingredients and processes to create authentic flavors. Case in point, for mooncakes, 回油 is an important process post-baking, where mooncakes rest for 72 hours to get the best texture and flavor. Some confectioneries choose to take shortcuts using baking soda to hasten the process so as to fulfill orders, but OSC chooses not to. Respect.

Whether you are more of a traditionalist or modernist when it comes to mooncake, there’s something for you.

Headlining the baked range is the new Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa. This one packs a more savoury than sweet profile with generously portioned Bakwa! The rest are OSC’s signature flavors back by popular demand, the White Lotus Paste with Pumpkin Seeds, Black Sesame with Yolk Blend & Melon Seeds, and the nutty Wu Ren with Bakwa. Oh and did i mention, the special yolk blend ensures that you get that salted egg goodness in every bite? Very thoughtful.

Ready up some Chinese Tea to go with the Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王 – Classic ($68.80 per box of four assorted mooncakes)

For those who prefer snowskin and always keeping an eye on new, interesting flavors, look no further! Presented in mini sizes this year, OSC showcases two new flavours – Pandan with Gula Melaka Snowskin and Yam and Pumpkin Snowskin!

With an elegant jade green snow skin, the Pandan with Gula Melaka Snowskin wraps up the pandan-infused lotus paste perfectly, which further cradles a delightful Gula Melaka and coconut centre. How refreshing to the palate! The Yam and Pumpkin Snowskin is literally ‘orh-nee’ (traditional Teochew yam paste dessert) in a mooncake. With fluffly mashed yam and smooth pumpkin centre wrapped in mochi-like elegant snow skin, it’s simply irresistible! Joining the Heavenly Beauties 四大美人 are the boozy crowd favorites from last year – Rum & Rasin with Dark Chocolate Pearl Snowskin and Yuzu Martini Snowskin.

Try pairing Prosecco with these Heavenly Beauties 四大美人 ($68.80 for a box of eight mini mooncakes) actually go well together 😉

Available for pre-order from now till 7th Aug, and will be available for purchase from 8th Aug to 13th September. You can get em online here or visit one of their outlets 🙂

PS: Get 35% off these delights from now till end July!

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-48

Clarke Quay Central


Tel: +65 6282 0220

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