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Reflecting the tradition, diversity and heritage of the Guangdong Province, Joyden Canton brings together a delightful selection that pays homage to it’s hometown flavors while incorporating modern techniques. Joyden fans, rejoice! Besides the HillV2 outlet, Joyden Canton can now be found in town at Isetan Scotts! 

And they definitely stayed true with their stunning dishes.

Doubled boiled for 4 hours, this carefully concocted soup carries an alluring bitter-sweetness that lingers on the palate. Highlight was definitely the soft and tender pig’s tail (never thought I would like it) that’s a real treat for collagen lovers! ✨✨
Black Bean, Black-Eyed Pea and Peanut with Pig Tail Soup ($8)

Fresh tiger prawns nestled in a homemade paste of prawns, salted egg yolk, cilantro and water chestnuts then coated with toasted almond flakes before being deep-fried till golden. Simply pick em up by the tail, take a little dip in sauce and voila~ ?

Almond and Salted Egg Prawns with Lemon Sauce ($21)


Combined with tang hoon, jellyfish, minced olives and egg mixture, this classic dish is then topped off with honey-glazed you tiao. Main or side, doesn’t matter – I’ll take a bowl please ?

Twice-Baked Golden Egg Gratin with Caramelised ‘You Tiao’ ($18)

My personal favorite from Joyden Canton! 😀 Here’s why:

1) Special blend of old and young ginger to give it just the right balance.

2) Hua-Diao delivers fragrance, like no other.

3) It’s codfish (duh).

Steamed to tendered perfection codfish – I could have this for dinner all week man! ?

Steamed Cod Fish with Hua-Diao and Homemade Ginger Sauce ($32)

So that’s all folks! Hop on for some good o’ canton delights if you happen to be in the area!


Joyden Canton

350 Orchard Road, #04-00 Isetan Scotts,
Singapore 238868

6908 3833

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