Kamon Udon at Eat@Seven (Suntec City)

What “Kamon” actually refers to “family crest”, which is used in Japan to indicate one’s origin, family lineage and status.  Udon Kamon prides itself with the widest range of udon broths in Singapore. Helmed by Executive Chef Kamogi Noriyuki, Udon Kamon specialises in sanuki udon, the most popular type of udon in the Shikoku region. Made with Japanese wheat flour, salt and water, the noodles are thick, squarish and have flat edges. At Udon Kamon, the noodles are homemade and freshly made on a daily basis. We got to see Chef in action kneading the dough and putting it through the machine for these freshly made udon!

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We’ve tried 4 types of udon broths today, coincidentally(or not) in order of spice level.
For those who prefer stronger flavours, do go for 3 and 4.  The Shoyu based is slightly lighter in flavour for my liking, but each to his own. My favorite will be 2. Because #tonkotsulover FTW. So here goes the 4 types…

  1. Shoyu-based
  2. Tonkotsu
  3. Tom yum
  4. Japanese spicy magma


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  1. Smoked Duck Udon (S$11.80++), which is topped with smoked duck specially air-flown from Italy.  If you noticed at the background of the picture, is the premium bonito (katsuo fish) imported from Kagoshima that has been aged for at least
    two years. The bonito flakes are freshly shaved and used to make dashi broth as well as garnish.


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2. Prawn Tonkotsu Udon (S$14.80++), featuring tiger prawns and Sakura Ebi. Being a tonkotsu lover, naturally this was my favorite. I found myself reaching for seconds with my tasting portion. Broth is flavourful and prawns were Big, FRESH and juicy.


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3. Served in a hot stone bowl, the Tom Yam Spicy Udon (S$13.80++)  with tiger prawns, mussels, Asari clams, squids, straw mushroom and tofu. This was sour and spicy, just the kind Thai Tom Yum Soup lovers will like. Slightly too tangy and spicy for me although this seafood bowl is definitely worth it for the price you are paying.


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4. Served also in a hot stone bowl,  Magma Spicy Udon (S$13.80++) with tiger prawns, kampong chicken and Ajitama (Japanese soft-boiled egg). This is definitely for the chilli eaters. Sadly, i couldnt take the spice. DO challenge your friends who have high spice tolerance to this bowl of SPICY MAGMA. Can you already tell from the looks of it?  Ajitama was done to perfection, thats what the Japs do best, right!

Overall, enjoyed the tasting session here at Kamon Udon as it lies slightly deep inside Eat@Seven, a really cosy space surrounded by other Japanese shops offering rice dishes and ramen of sorts.

Kamon Udon officially opened 26 January 2019, Saturday. Do head down and let me know if you do love their freshly made udon and broth made with love.

The Prawn Tonkotsu Udon (UP S$14.80) and Beef Udon (UP S$11.80) will have $2 off all orders starting from from 26 January to 17 February 2019.

For easy reference, screenshot the below for the prices!

Prawn Tonkotsu (S$14.80++)

Tom Yam Spicy Udon (S$13.80++)

Smoked Duck Udon (S$11.80++)

Magma Spicy Udon (S$13.80++)

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 11:30 – 10pm (Close from 3pm – 5pm)

Saturday and Sunday: 11.30am – 10pm

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307, Sky Garden Suntec City, Singapore 038983

Phone number: 6266 5338

Instagram page: @udonkamonsg

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