Light x Airy Crust and New toppings from Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut is launching a new crust –  the “Light x Airy”, and I must say I was really delighted to hear that! Pizza to me, is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort – it is the go-to choice for any gatherings and occasions.

Light x Airy Crust Pizzas: Alfredo Prawn (L) and Truffle Shuffle (R)

Now let’s get straight down to it – the crust. The difference from the normal crust wasn’t obvious to me. That said, i could definitely see and feel the airiness within, as compared to the typical thick crust slices. Also, i found myself reaching for more slices than usual. Less carb-heavy i’m guessing! Nevertheless, for those who prefer their slices thin, i’d say stick to your usuals 🙂

Alfredo Prawn with Light x Airy Crust – $23.50 (R) |$29.50 (L)
Truffle Shuffle with Light x Airy Crust – $23.50 (R) |$29.50 (L)

With the alfredo base, the Truffle Shuffle showcases an all-new marinated truffle mushroom trio (White Button, Shimeiji, Shitake). Cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, shredded parmesan cheese, and truffle oil to finish off. We absolutely loved it. It’s definitely on my to-order list for gatherings next time round!

With their artisanal nature, the Light x Airy pizzas are made to order and best enjoyed fresh out of the oven. They will be exclusively available as dine-in dishes in all 24 Pizza Hut outlets islandwide from 7 October 2019. In addition to the two new flavors, diners can also opt for any one of Pizza Hut’s existing flavors on a Light x Airy Crust.

Pizza Hut @ Paya Lebar Quarter Mall
10 Paya Lebar Road #04-10
Singapore 408533

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