Luxurious and delicious seafood at Long Beach Seafood at STEVENS

One of the most established and oldest standing seafood restaurant, Long Beach Seafood, has opened a new outlet at STEVENS, just next to Mercure Hotel on Stevens Road. It is home to many family gatherings that just want some good Chinese food as you catch up with each other’s lives. The best part about eating seafood at Long Beach is their de-shelling services where they remove all of the hard shell and have all the meat neatly removed.

Famous Black Pepper Crab [~1kg]

A very nostalgic dish because it still tastes the same for decades. Their black pepper is extremely peppery and fragrant that there is even a bowl of extra black pepper sauce on the side so you can full submerge your crab flesh into it.

Popular Chili Crab [~1kg]

Imagine dipping your mantous into these awesome chilli crab sauce. This is sweet, tangy and spicy.

Golden Stripe Lobster [~ 700-800 grams]

Super huge, fresh and meaty lobster. This is cooked with butter, cereal and fluffy egg white, we were told that it is very difficult to achieve the fluffy texture from egg white.

Their crabs and lobsters are air flown which explains the retained freshness that is unbeatable. The taste of their seafood will speak for itself. They also have other dishes that are really good in general. Head down to Long Beach Seafood at STEVENS to experience for yourself their goodness.

Long Beach Seafood at STEVENS

Address: 30 Stevens Road #01-10, S257840

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM

Contact: 6445 8833



Instagram: @longbeachseafood


Written by: Coralle Wong

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