Medical grade facials at EHA Clinic

Trying out a medical grade facial at EHA Clinic for the first time and we are doing a Venus Viva treatment. It is an FDA approved advanced skincare system that utilises two different hand pieces to enable the delivery of a mixture of patented technologies to the face and neck. The treatment is suitable for men and women and all skin types.

Before the treatment, an in-depth skin analysis will be conducted, they basically take pictures of your face from three different angles (right, left and center) and their machine will identify problem areas, underlying problems yet to be discovered, what to take note of and your skin type.

Diamond Polar is an effective anti aging treatment, that helps tighten and firm lax skin on the face and neck, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin texture.

The facial i tried is a 120 minute pampering medical facial, using medical grade equipment not found in normal beauty salons and spas. Medical facials are different from normal facials as they use medical machines and the effects are longer lasting. Doctors also operate these machines for certain treatments used on their patients.

This machine used on me is for the lifting effect, i have done the right half of my face and there was a slight difference as compared to the other half of my face. If you have sagging and droopy skin, you might want to consider this treatment. I was told that those with sagging skin will see a vast difference after attempting this treatment!

After a cold steam and extraction, this machine is used to massage serum to moisturise my skin and help my dry skin to absorb the serum more quickly. It is cold and very comfortable!

I was also recommended to use the omega light treatment, specially using the blue light on me, which is good for acne and breakouts — as i have them occasionally. The machine has three different settings / lights, yellow, red and blue. Yellow is for skin repair and for wound recovery, red is for skin rejuvenation and sagging skin, the blue one i did is for reducing acne and breakouts.

Last step of the facial is this mask, i had a good 20 minutes nap. After this mask hardens and is peeled off, they will apply toner, moisturiser and sun block for you so you can continue your day all ready and protected from the sun!

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