Nasi Lemak Deal at Sticky Wings!

Heard of Sticky Wings? They currently have an outlet at Westgate, super conveniently located just right at the linkway from Jurong East MRT station.

Knockout — 6 two-joint wings, Naked, Sticky Kecap Manis or Spicy Flamin’ ($8.50 ala carte, $11 combo) Naked is referring to the chicken undressed and “sauceless”, it’s still rather flavourful and tender on the inside. Generally i think their wings are nicely marinated to ensure there’s flavour within too.

Drumstick Lemak Set ($7.90) We tried drumsticks in the 3 different varieties, i really enjoyed the Sticky Kecap Manis one! It’s on the sweeter side, but so gooood. Think of your food court Indonesia Grilled Chicken sauce, it’s kinda similar! This would be popular among children.

Wings Lemak Set ($7.90) We got the Spicy Flamin’ and indeed my mouth felt like it was in flames, abit too spicy for me, but i still enjoy spicy food! Also, there are quail eggs in the Lemak set, in the same spicy sauce.

We Meat Again ($6.50) Straight cut fries topped with minced beef rendang. Chunky bits of beef can be found while you dig into your fries!

Tat’s Egg-citing ($5.90) Straight cut fries topped with salted egg sauce, nacho cheese and tomato salsa. This was straight up my preferred choice, i love that the flavours complement each other well, creating that nice savoury flavour, and not overly salty!

Right now, they are having a Nasi Lemak Deal which is going at just $6.90 during lunch from 9:30am to 3pm, plus the set even comes with a soft drink!

Sticky Wings

#02-05 Westgate Mall 608532, 3 Gateway Drive

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