New exciting Hotdog bun flavours at Be Frank

Be Frank has launched a new range of new Hotdog flavours, it includes exciting flavours and you can look forward to a filling snack in between meals or when you’re feeling peckish!

Bacon & Cheese Hotdog [$7.90]

Crispy double layer of cheese with mozzarella and cheddar! & loads of bacon bits hidden underneath

Mac & Cheese Hotdog [$8.90]

Creamy and cheesy sauce all the hotdog bun

Tempura Enoki Japanese Hotdog [$8.90]

Crispy enoki and bonito flakes to give a crunch to your hotdog.

Foie Gras HotDog [$16.90] Sold Out

Unfortunately, we did not get to try this.

Coney Fries [$4.50]

Note that you can choose between pork or chicken for your hotdog! I liked both but pork was easier to eat because it was softer to bite into and chew.

Be sure to try the new flavours at Be Frank because they won’t disappoint.

Be Frank

Address: Paragon Shopping Centre, 290 Orchard Road #B1-K26, S238859

Opening Hours: Mon- Sun 10AM–9:30PM

Contact: 9765 2509

Instagram: @befranksg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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