Famed Cheese Toast from Bangkok, SAY CHIIZU lands in Singapore

Cheeeeeese and toast!! Who’s a fan? If you have tried the popular cheese toast from Bangkok, Thailand (normally found at road stalls) and you love it, you can now enjoy them in Singapore!!

There are 3 flavours, the Original, Charcoal and Chocolate. The bread is buttered and toasted before putting the special mix of cheese inside! Then you should probably wait a little while for the cheese to set and start pulling! Super instagramme worthy and yummy at the same time. My personal favourite has got to be the Original.

All toasts are selling at $3.80 each, more flavours might be added as time goes by, but the owners from a thailand decide to begin with these 3 more popular flavours for a start.

Outlets (over 10) are slated to open island wide over the year, be on the look out for the one with a cafe concept! Now, the upcoming openings for the various outlets are offering 1-for-1 promotions, dates and addresses of outlets are listed below, so mark your calendars!

Outlets opening:

1) 313 Somerset #B3-49 (16 Jan)

2) Vivo City #B2-K16 (15 Jan)

3) White Sands Mall #01-44 (17 Jan)

4) The Clementi Mall #04-K4 (18 Jan)

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