NEW Wasabi Ramen – Ajisen Ramen

Wasabi lovers, you need to see this! Ajisen Ramen will be launching their newest Wasabi Ramen range from 1st Nov 2017 to 20th Dec 2017 at all Ajisen outlets, so fans of this rather choking spicy plant can now look forward to trying these out.

It comes in 3 different bowls with different toppings:

1) Dory Fish Wasabi Ramen (my pick!)

2) Pork Shabu Wasabi Ramen

3) Sausage Wasabi Ramen

Oh and if you can see it, the noodles are actually a nice pale green!! The broth is already mixed with wasabi, with even more fresh wasabi on the side (on a seaweed). But, if you’d like an even stronger wasabi flavour, you can mix in the wasabi cream which comes together in a separate bowl!

Overall, while it gives you a spicy kick, it shouldn’t overpower your delicious bowl of ramen. I like it just as it is, without the additional wasabi, it was pleasant and not too choking. Please free feel to let me know your thoughts should you try it!


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