Newly launched menu exclusive to Three Buns @ Collyer Quay

The Potato Head family has unveiled their first stand-alone location at Robertson Quay. Three Buns has a newly curated menu with special menu items exclusive to the outlet.

The 80-seater burger bar has a great ambience with chill vibes, which makes for a nice place to hang out with friends.

Chef Adam Penney, Executive Chef who previously was from Lonsdale, London’s most fashionable restaurants. He was known to make food from scratch, and he is continuing this approach with 95% of the menu being handmade.

Here comes the fun and yummy part. Introducing the Burgers:

Red Man Burger (Beef Rendang) ($28) is a hearty and meaty burger made using over 10 spices and ingredients including gula melaka and stewed for 2 hours. This beef cheek was super tender and melt in the mouth good.

Bun DMC ($16) using watermelon rind relish on bawang goreng (fried shallots), onion purée and mayo, ketchup, sriracha!

Seng Dog ($12), a unique green bun — actually Matcha, nesting a pork / beef dog, with wasabi mayo, Three Buns relish and bawang goreng.

Back: The Truffle Hound is a hot dog brioche bun where you can pick pork / beef, it’s lightly truffle flavoured.

Truffello ($15), a vegetarian burger, is not your regular burger. This burger has 2 pieces of Portobello mushrooms and truffle! I love how juicy and messy this burger is, albeit i didn’t really like the cold slaw as it’s rather sour.

Da Cheese Master is DA BOMB. It’s my favourite burger out of all — a really classic burger and a popular choice amongst guest. I reckon it’s the satisfactory punch it’s gives, soft yet has a bite, blanketed with delicious melted cheese.

The Smokin B-Boy is also another favourite with guests albeit a little too meaty for me.

Beet It, is a smoked salmon dish with beetroot.

Miso Dirty Fries ($9) a bowl of fries drenched in miso bearnaise, smoked chicken sausage, floss, chives, scallions and pickled chili.

This one here is topped with Ayam Chicken marinated in a spicy and tangy korean bbq sauce — The Naughty Fries is a tad spicy for me but makes for a great sharing dish!

The Ronnie — a brunch item which has a sausage patty in between buttered brioche buns and served with tater tots.

Blueberry Basic ($15) made using a secret recipe only Chef Adam’s daughter knows. It’s a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with a house-made sauce and blueberries!

The Sticky Icky Wicky is a really sweet dish which is rich and recommend for sharing. The sticky caramel is really delicious at first spoon, but i got a little sick of it due to its sweetness.

Oh yes, a tip to enjoy your meal here to the fullest is to be willing to get down to devouring your burger with bare hands. For me, it’s the most satisfying and delicious way to enjoy! There is a wash basin within the restaurant so don’t worry.

Three Buns Quayside

Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-01 Singapore 238252

Operating Hours: Tues- Fri (5pm-12am), Sat-Sun (11am-12am), Closed on Mondays

Contact: 6909 7838




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