Ola Beach Club – Sentosa

Ola – it means “life” in Hawaiian.

And that could just be what we busy metropolitans need. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we often forget what it means to slow down and appreciate life. Being Singapore’s only hawaiian-themed lifestyle venue, Ola Beach Club wants to remind us of just that.

Do you fancy the therapeutic experience of kayaking and stand up paddling into the sunset? Or perhaps the thrill of clinging onto a banana boat for your life while a speedboat tugs it away? This is the place to be. But if you are anything like me, you’d agree these are so yesterday. But be psyched – cos Jet Packs are a real deal here at Ola Beach Club, cause why paddle, when you can fly?

Photo Credit: Ola Beach Club Facebook Page
This water-propelled toy can reach a top speed of 40km/h and fulfil any aspiring ironman fantasies of yours. Kiasi ones, no fear. With 30 years of experience under its Hawaiian-styled belt, Seabreeze Water Sports upholds stringent world-class safety standards. At $225 for a Cadet 45 min package this might seem abit pricey, but how could anyone put a pricetag on such a crazy, yet safe, experience like that? Not to mention, hover boards are currently in the works and will be ready by mid. Adrenaline junkies, you have found your paradise.

At dusk, Ola transforms from an adrenaline pumping watersport centre to an ideal, romantic getaway with your SO. Whether you’re ravenous after a day of thrill or simply seeking out a stunning waterside dining experience, Ola’s menu of Hawaiian inspired dishes will satiate any appetite.

Kalua Pork is a famous Hawaiian dish that is steamed and baked for 3 hours until the cured pork shoulder is fork tender and shreds effortlessly. At Ola, it doesn’t stop there, for the pork is then sautéed with white cabbage over open fire to impart a smoky flavour. With such laborious preparation, each bite is juicy and sure to please.

Ola also has her own rendition of the Huli-Huli Chicken ($26). This Hawaiian version of the more familiar teriyaki chicken is both perfectly sweet and savory. Consisting of chicken thigh and breast steeped in a teriyaki marinade and sous vide, the meat is juicy, tender and permeated thoroughly with flavour.

Any meal isn’t complete without dessert, and at Ola, the Vintage Chocolate Tart ($13) is a delight to the palate. Made with premium Bahibe valrhona milk chocolate, the filling is smooth, creamy and rich. The tart pastry was also buttery and flaky, making the tart a joy to devour.

The Ola Huli Pau
For those wanting something lighter, do check out the Polynesian-style bar at Ola for their specially crafted signature cocktails. The Ola Huli Pau is a delightfully refreshing cocktail of rum, mint, pavan, watermelon and ingredient x. Pleasingly fresh and tangy, it’s a perfect wind-down to a wonderful evening by the beach.

Ola Beach Club

46 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa
6265 5966

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