Opt for European-Japanese Fusion Cuisine at Miryoku Bistro

Do not peel your eyes away as we introduced to you Miryoku Bistro’s brand new menu that is available at affordable prices! The new menu is specially curated by Italian Chef Vincenzo, with over 22 years of culinary experience which includes 5-star luxury hotel resorts.

This beautiful DIY Ferris Wheel creatively showcases delightful canapes of your choice. Options for the Ferris Wheel include: Foie Gras, Aburi Hotate with Caviar, Ikura, Salmon Tobikko, Salmon Mentai, Chirashi, Ebi Cocktail and Negitoro. Super instagramable and you get to try all the different types in bite sizes.

European-Japanese cuisine dish, Okonomiyaki Pizza! See the bonito flakes dancing on your pizza as you pick a slice of this mouth-watering combination of the popular Osaka street food together with the Italian staple.

Another pizza we got to try that is more ordinary with small pieces of chicken, sweet sauce and cheese.

Premium Donburi’s tender Koro Koro Beef Steak slices, paired with luxurious and delicately pan-seared foie gras atop fragrant Hokkaido rice. 

Chef Vincenzo’s signature dish: Truffle Ravioli Homemade Ravioli. This is extremely addictive and creamy. The ravioli has a firm bite to it and stuffed with a delicious stuffing made from Chef’s secret recipe. Miryoku Bistro takes pride in its pasta, which is freshly made in-house.

Lasagna is another dish that is also delicious, most probably attributed to them making it in house.

A normal pastry? No, it has a whole portion of beef inside this pastry. Enjoy your flaky pastry with the meat in it together. The portion is a lot and best to be shared between 2 people with other dishes.

This cute waffle cup is coated with chocolate and filled with matcha. For those who loves nibbling, this cup is perfect for you to take a sip and nibble simultaneously till this entire cup is gone.

We ordered an unique tea that has soursop in it and expected soursop flesh in the tea but there was only tea leaves. Despite the absence of the fruit, there is a slight taste of it with a hint of sweetness in the tea.

Always thought European food is too expensive and out of your spending range? Miryoku Bistro will be one place where you can try the cuisine without burning a hole in your pocket!

Miryoku Bistro

Address: 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am–11pm

Contact: 6909 0908

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miryokubistro/

Instagram: @miryokubistro

Written by: Coralle Wong

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