Park Hotel Clarke Quay Ushers in the Year of the Pig

Back at Park Hotel Clarke Quay for its 2019 Chinese New Year spread, we were excited to try what Park Hotel had to offer this year. From last year’s dinner, we had high expectations and looked forward to the CNY spread they have for the year of the Pig.

Of course, we started off with the Yu Sheng.

Auspicious Abundance Yu Sheng

Neatly plated Yu Sheng with little red crayfish surrounding the vegetables along with pomelo flesh along the edges. They have already removed the shell at the bottom so you can just bite the flesh off at one go. There is also ham wrapped around the crayfish flesh — yes it’s deshelled for our easy eating!

Superior Braised Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat and Homemade Stuffed Crab Claw

Wholesome dish with flavourful shark fin’s soup and a huge stuffed crab claw. This was really delicious as the flavour is deep and rich with the essence of the shark’s fin. It was also on the menu last Chinese New Year.

Steamed Red Garoupa with Chinese Mushroom and Dry-Cured Jinhua Ham

Similar to last year’s Steamed Red Garoupa with Fresh Asparagus Roll in Superior Light Soy Sauce, this one is just as good. Fish is also deboned and portioned out in slabs, each slab of fish flesh is accompanied with mushroom. 

Money Bag with Diced Chicken, Broccoli, Mushroom, Bamboo Shoot and Dry-Cured Jinhua Ham

Money Bag was stuffed full that so heavy with ingredients in it that it had to be supported with a spoon. The broccoli was a good addition as it was able to fully absorb the light brown gravy. The money bag was so gooood we would love to have seconds.

Stir-fried Squid, Scallop, Prawn and Asparagus with XO Sauce in Crispy Yam Basket

Impressed by the generous amount of seafood especially the scallops that were bigger than average scallop. All of the seafood goodness were nicely enclosed in the yam basket. Those who love seafood will like this dish, we enjoyed the crunchy and tasty asparagus a lot as well.

Steamed Fragrant Rice in Lotus Leaf with Duck Meat, Chinese Sausage, Egg White, Salted Egg and Root Vegetables

A simple and homely fried rice that is probably familiar to most of us, only that this have the flavour and scent of the lotus leaf infused into the rice. A nice ending to the meal would be a bowl of carbs.

Chilled Coconut Pudding with Passion Fruit Pearls

It is not common to have a coconut flavoured pudding and would appeal to coconut lovers. The passion fruit pearls were nice to bite into and have a burst of passion fruit juice.

Just like last year, 2019 CNY meal was also great and met our high expectations that we had of Park Hotel Clarke Quay. We thoroughly enjoyed the well balanced and nutritious meal.

If you’re looking for a spot to have a nice CNY reunion dinner with your family, you may well consider Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay – Chinese New Year Set Menu
Date: 25 January to 19 February
Time: 12 noon to 2 pm | 6 pm to 8 pm | 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm Price: From $378++ to $658++ per table
8-Course Ultimate Success: $658++ per table of 9 or 10 diners 8-Course Prosperity: $598++ per table of 7 or 8 diners 7-Course Longevity: $538++ per table of 6 or 7 diners 6-Course Harmony: $378++ per table of 4 or 5 diners

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Address: Park Hotel Clarke Quay, 1 Unity St, Singapore 237983

Contact: 6593 8825/59



Instagram: @parkhotelclarkequay

Written by: Coralle Wong

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