Spice Brasserie at Park Royal Kitchener presents “Gifts of The Sea” Buffet Dinner

Feasted on a huge selection and unlimited servings of premium seafood dishes at Spice Brasserie today and saw all my friends leaving with a satisfied smile and round tummy.

Kicked off first with the heartwarming Wok Braised Live “San Har” King Prawn Noodles in rich herbal soup, and Wok Braised Live “Drunken” King Prawns that is freshly caught at the Live Station and whipped up with some Wu Jia Pi wine.

One of my favourite was the Homemade Lobster Bao. To help you out, spot this golden, crispy moneybag that wraps up luxurious lobster meat within – taste and texture indescribable. At this very moment, just writing this out evokes a drooling reaction in me already!!

Without a doubt, stars of the night went to our favorite crustacean friends. Crab lovers, time to get cracking! Be spoilt for buckets and buckets of Signature Crabs in your every style available – Singapore Chili, Pumpkin (special), Black Pepper, and Salted Egg Yolk. ? ☺


Chili Crab

Black pepper crab

Salted Egg crab

If these still leave you wanting for more, complement the spread with fresh sashimi and sushi at Japanese corner and luscious desserts (2 thumbs up for Yam Paste yay!) to end the feast on a sweet note.

“Gifts of the Sea” Shellfish Buffet Dinner starts from SGD 65/adult & SGD32.50/children, from Thursdays to Sundays, eve of and PH! Let the feast begin ?

Spice Brasserie at Park Royal Kitchener

181  Kitchener Road

Singapore 208533

Tel: +65 6428 3000

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