(Promo) Get your brows on fleek with Lucky Lash Brow

Eyebrows are truly the most important thing on our faces, at least to me. Eyebrows do define how we look and express ourselves — works wonders for good first impressions as well.

I have never done eyebrow embroidery in my entire  life and i admit i definitely felt anxious and worried that getting mine embroidered will destroy how i look (bared faced). I decided to take a leap of faith and went for the first appointment at Lucky Lash and Brow. Situated in a home at Waterloo street, you can be assured that it’s done by professionals, mine was done by Valerie.

I am going to take you through the process so you can see what Valerie does from step 1, i asked so many questions because i was so scared to try but yet also want the beauty of having my eyebrows on fleek! Hehehe.

Drawing the desired shape, there’s many kinds out there, i went for the straight look which looks more trendy and also because i didn’t really want to have arched eyebrows. Valerie will make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the shape of your brows before she does anything else so don’t worry!

Thereafter, you can also pick if you want to do the 6D microblading or the Korean Mist embroidery. I am super afraid of pain so Valerie suggested to go for the Korean Mist one, which gives out a natural yet misty look, suitable for my eyebrow shape. The microblading one is literally to slice your skin so it will look like your own fine hairs — can you imagine how painful it will be for me. So of course i did the latter. Numbing cream first!

Honestly i was nervous and anxious all at the same time. Firstly the pain and also the overall look i will achieve at the end of the embroidery.

Getting ready! The numbing cream will be on for about 20 minutes.

Valerie’s work station, she sanitizers all her tools before using them on customers so don’t worry, it’s all super clean!

Ok so i did the right side first, it’s actually OK! I was so glad that when she pricked me for the first time i couldn’t really feel anything. I can feel that she’s definitely doing something but just not as painful i imagined it to be. Yay! I was also told that there will be a round 2 numbing liquid to be applied mid-way.

Moving on to the other brow!

She will do 3 rounds on each side! By the time she was at the 2nd round i could actually feel a bit of pain but not on the verge of crying. She applied more numbing liquid for me and i could last till 3rd round. Valerie will also trim off excess hair off your brows so it looks neat and presentable.

Yay we are all done and happy! Valerie applied this black gel on me for about 15 minutes for the colour pigment to stay and last. Abit painful at this point but not super uncomfortable.

Eyebrows on fleek!

Yay, then i waited another 2 months before doing the touch up to patch up missing spots.

So many of you have been asking what eyebrow pencil i use, what make up products and if i did anything to my eyebrows — this is it. No regrets at all.

Now…. of course there’s a promo for my readers. There will be a $50 off to $100 off when you quote me.

6D Microblading: $388 (UP), $358 (now)

Misty Korean Eyebrow: $588 (UP), $538 (now)

Combination (both): $788 (UP), $688 (now)

You can check out more information at www.luckylashbrow.com

Please feel free to drop comments or message me if you want to know more! Cheers to pretty eyebrows — extra sleep in the morning.

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