Ramen Champion’s newly revamped outlet brings you new Hokkaido mainstays and desserts

With a new refreshed look at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Ramen Champion is now called Ramen Champion Hokkaido Paradise.

Among all the new dishes, we tried a variety of them and listed them below so you know which ones to try!

In my opinion, this Hakodate Kaiser Ramen (Seafood Ramen) is suitable for those who are trying to eat light or going for a clean meal. To put it simpler, it tastes very much like a “Fishball” noodle soup we can get at a hawker centre, but cooked with more superior ingredients like prawns, scallops and squid. I would eat this as a “sick day” meal as it’s light on the palate and great for warming the body up!

Vegetable Potage Tsukemen — a Vegetarian friendly dish. This is our first time trying a cold noodle variant of Tsukemen. The potage dip, a mix of pumpkin and vegetable broth is hot while the noodles are chilled, achieving a nice balance of hot and cold as you slurp. I particularly enjoyed the fried vegetables served together.

Stamina Miso Ramen, this Hokkaido-themed dishes is inspired by Hokkaido’s Mt Fuji, as it comes with a high mountain of fresh vegetables like Hokkaido corn and bean sprouts. It’s also filled with sukiyaki meat, torched pork belly char shu and ajitama (ramen egg). While this may be a nightmare for those who dislike beansprouts, i kinda like this one, the broth is very creamy and rich. Would strongly recommend for two to three pax to share this.

Hokkaido Special Double Curry Rice is served with half yellow curry and half European-style dark curry. Either try them on its own or mix them, i would recommend trying them on its own first to get a taste of their individual flavours.

Topped with fried goodies, like katsu, chicken karaage and ebi fry!

Fans of salmon and mentaiko, like myself would love to have one of these bowls. A slab of salmon blanketed with mentaiko and then treated to a side of ikura… it’s so satisfying. I would prefer for the mentaiko to be a tad richer and spicier though!

The best part for me is here, i have been looking forward to desserts and i have no regrets. These two here are so goooood.

Brûlée toast, i thought it might be another dessert where you will go “omg it’s too sweet”… oh i was so captivated by the softness of the pudding-like toast and a crisp exterior, coupled with sweet creaminess of the whipped cream! I could just eat that pile of whipped cream all day.

Kakigori fans must come to savour this. Available in four different flavours, Hojicha, Royal Milk Tea, Strawberry and Milo! We tried the Hojicha one and it’s so good. Perfect for sharing as it’s a high mountain of milk shaved ice with mochi inside (i loved this). It’s not that sweet and if you’d like a sugar rush, you can always top it up with brown sugar, served separately on the side.

So, the next time you are at Changi Airport for a reason, come by to have a dessert or even a meal!

Ramen Champion Hokkaido Paradise (opposite the food court)

Address: 65 Airport Boulevard #B2-58 Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport Singapore 819663

Operating Hours: 10.30am to 11pm

Contact: +65 6214 2958

Website: www.ramenchanpion.com.sg

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