Ring In The Year of the Pig 2019 With Blue Lotus

Created to be a high-energy dining experience, Blue Lotus offers a dynamic, avant-garde take on Chinese cuisine, where diners relish traditional favorites that are given innovative and modern culinary twists, where East meets West!

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Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Sakura Ebi Yu Sheng

Garnished with 10 herbs and vegetables, 2 aromatic spices, 3 types of nuts, Crispy salmon skin, silver bait and rice vermicelli, and finally topped with spring onion-infused olive oil and wild honey yuzu dressing, this is one of those “elevated” dishes that is bound to impress if you are playing host this CNY! I found myself sweeping it up round after round, especially with that sinful but oh-so-good salmon skin!

Braised Crab Meat Fish Maw and Dried Scallop Broth

The Braised Crab Meat Fish Maw and Dried Scallop Broth was both a belly and soul warmer. It’s rich essence and silky texture, with generous amounts of top-grade fish maw made for a good start to any chinese feast!

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Blue Lotus Slow-Roasted Spanish-Style Suckling Pig

Can’t remember when was the last time i had Suckling Pig (presented in whole), and I was blown away by this stunning delicacy. Ultra crispy on the outside, and succulent within. Top it with some mustard or sweet chili sauce, and you know you are in heaven! This perfect centrepiece for the -Year of Pig is exclusive – pre-orders are required at least 3 days in advance if you want it!

Signature Chili Pomelo Crab Claw with Crispy Mantou

Next up, we were served Blue Lotus’s take on the iconic Chili Crab dish! Served with 2 kinds of manton – fried and steamed, i dipped my way through with the savory sweet-spicy sauce! Personally, i thought the pomelo addition was quite refreshing! Non-spicy takers beware though, it’s hotter than usual.

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Original Nian Gao
Red Dates Flavoured Nian Gao

Nian Gao (Glutinous Rice Cake) symbolizes increasing prosperity year on year, and well it’s delicious so i would have it regardless of what it means! Give it to the Blue Lotus crew – they are always able to take something traditional and breathe new life into it! The Red Dates Flavoured Nian Gao was that. Tinge of sweetness infused into the usual Nian Gao really invigorated my palate, resulting in seconds and thirds without having that gelat-feeling!

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Coupled with Carrot Cakes and Yam Cakes – Blue Lotus’ savoury and contemporary twist on the duo Nian Gaos are beautifully presented in 4-tier tingkat boxes at $38+each. The ideal gift to impress that hard to please mother-in-law, if you ask me!

Chilled Honeydew & Sago in Coconut Milk

To end of a greasy affair, we had a cooling Honeydew Sago in Coconut milk. Most welcome as i slurped away and embraced chunks of honeydew and satisfied that dessert portion of me tummy!

All online reservations can also be made at https://www.bluelotus.com.sg/chinese-new-year-2019/ by clicking on the “Book Now” buttons.

Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House
5 Wallich Street, #01-13 Tanjong Pagar Centre
6996 0880

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