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Seoul Yummy is back with a Seoul Spicy menu that features 8 brand new items and the return of 2 of the hot favourite seasonal items – the smokey Seafood Jjamppong stew and fiery Dak Bokkeum Tangstew – now available in individual pots too! The Seoul Spicy menu is available till 30th June 2019. 

This is the Seoul Spicy menu filled with all the spicy dishes, some are customisable to the level of spicniness that you prefer, Level 1 to 3. Some of the dishes that we tried are presented below.

Dak Bokkeum Tang Stew (2 – 3 pax) [$26.80]

This stew is available in 3 levels of spiciness and we ordered Level 2 with an addition of Ramyeon at $3.90. Each sip of the soup hits harder you each time but you cannot help but to keep reaching out for more. Level 2 is quite strong and suitable for those who can generally take spice. If not, you are advised to opt for Level 1.

This is available in a combo set at $38.80 with 1 appetiser of choice, 2 white rice and 2 Seoul Yummy Ice Lemon Tea. If you like a challenge and believe you have very high tolerance for spiciness, try the Level 3 stew and get 30% off combo set when you finish it.

It is also available in individual serving for $12.80 with 1 white rice.

Fire Rice with Chicken [$11.80]

This is not as spicy as the stew and manageable. The rice is fragrant with the most of the spice coming from the chicken. A classic dish with meat and rice that warmly fills your stomach.

Fire Fried Chikin [$6.80]

Crispy and marinated chicken with almond crunch so we get a slight crunch when biting into the chicken. The chicken is sweet and spicy, a popular combination that Singaporeans love. It is great as an appetiser or as side dish for sharing  in a group.


Kimchi Dumplings with Jjamppong Mayo [$7.80]

The crispy dumplings are stuffed with lots of kimchi and the jjamppong mayo is really unique. It tastes different from the usual gochujang flavour and familiar reddish colour of korean cuisine.

Ah Yeah Ah Yeah [$6.90] & Blink Blink [$6.90]

There are cubed fruits in the refreshing drinks that really soothe our burning tongues and lips.

Black Yellow Bingsu $11.90

Shaved ice is extremely fine and a good indictator of an authentic bingsoo. Dessert is a good way to end off your seoul yummy meal to cool yourself off.

As a side note, there are also outlets that have buffet options and their array of food available is quite extensive. Slushie machines are also part of the buffet, you can unlimited refills of them!

Remember to try the Seoul Spicy Menu even it ends on 30th June 2019, eespecially if you like korean food and spicy ones at that.

Seoul Yummy

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Written by: Coralle Wong



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