Settle your Japanese food cravings at Hokkaido Marche at an affordable price

Hokkaido Marche, located at Orchard Central, right next to the popular Don Don Donki, is similar to a regular foodcourt but dedicated to Japanese Food so all the stalls there are selling Japanese food. You will be so spoilt for choices with their array of offerings like Tempura, Ramen and Donburi etc.

As it is free seating, be sure to get a seat for yourself and order your food! Upon completing your order, you will be presented a buzzer. Below, we will be sharing two different stalls where we tried a DIY Donburi as well as a bowl of piping hot ramen!

Natsume Seafood – DIY Donburi

You can customise your own bowl of rice by adding your favourite sashimi or dishes. The set also includes a miso soup. This stall also sells other sashimi bowls so you can easily order those they recommend as well!

We got a Signature bowl of ramen from Shirakaba Sansou. Specialising in ramen, they have recommended the Spicy Version, but we decided to go plain so we can taste the rich and flavourful broth!

There is even free flow eggs, help yourself to them!

Sapporo Tonkotsu Ramen

The broth is light and suitable for times you need something warm and light. The broth is still tasty and rich so it can satisfy your ramen cravings! Best part, it’s not greasy so one is able to finish the entire bowl easily. Remember to help yourself to those free-flow eggs if you’re a fan of hard boiled eggs!

Hokkaido Marche

Address: Orchard Central

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am–11pm

Contact: 6509 8541



Instagram: @hokkaidomarche

Written by: Coralle Wong

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