Silestone N-Boost® by Consentino


Calling all Homeowners (or those to-be), this is something you would want to look out for. Because Consentino has finally launched it’s revolutionary Silestone®

N-Boost here in Singapore. Now, are your beautiful homes ready for a functional and luxurious lift?

Being world renowned for it’s quality quartz surfaces, Consentino has broke new grounds again this time after years of relentless R&D. Applying nanotechnology to alter molecular structures, the surfaces are now more sleek and functional. They don’t just look good, they make you look good, literally. Cleaning and maintenance will be effortless, to say the least.


Well, pictures speak a thousand words and a video will prolly show you a hell lot better by what i mean. So go ahead and check it out below:




Last but not least, thanks Consentino for the wonderful spread and booze! The collaboration with Chef Andre was perfect – giving the stunning dessert an elegant backdrop as it’s served on an exquisite quartz piece.


Cosentino City Center

34/35 Duxton Road

6713 9543

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