South Beach Avenue Food Trail

The newest, up-and-coming lifestyle enclave is finally ready – with the grand unveiling of wining, dining, nightlife and beauty concepts! With the juxtaposition of four heritage buildings against modern architecture, it is easy to lose yourself in your imaginations while taking a leisure walk along the stretch.

Diners will definitely be spoiled for choice, and if you can’t decide, why not take a cuppa at Dimbulah first, alongside Australian treats like Lamingtons and Downunder slices.


Alternatively, take a shot at Caffe Vergnano’s Cioccolata and you might actually be inspired to take up espresso making classes at in-house Accademia Vergnano, and incidentally, find a whole new appreciation of life.


Okay. Moving on to real food; Real Food is an organic vegan restaurant that’s run by people who swear by the mantra ‘you are what you eat’. Proving that quality food can be healthy too with their signature Curry Soup Noodles and Dumplings. 


For those who are less fuss and want it fast, Fasta offers quick and fresh fusion meals. With the use of ingredients that span across different cultures and cuisines, there is just something about Scallop Wallop and Siow Ba Mee that resonates with any global citizen out there.


One of my standouts of the evening for me was Atmastel’s Zuppa di Pesce. No words or pictures can explain how savoury this umami-filled seafood stew actually is. Using only artisanal ingredients, like San Marzano tomatoes, that are air-flown weekly from Italy, chef Andrea Tarini ensures absolute freshness is sealed in every dish. Equally unforgettable was their Black Truffle Pizza that emanates subtle truffle fragrance above the thin, light crust.

Up next is Vatos Urban Tacos, which has been named the Hottest Restaurant in Seoul by CNN. Serving comfort food with a twist, Kimchi Carnitas Fries comes with fries smothered in braised prok carnitas, sauteed kimchi and melted cheese. And further topped with cilantro lime crema, Vatos hot sauce, cilantro and onion. Damn.


A night out won’t be complete without booze eh? Alchemist Beer Lab is the first beer infusion bar in Asia that houses state-of-the-art infusion towers to extract flavours from a variety of ingredients to produce one-of-a-kind craft beers. So go ahead, trade in your Guiness or Somersby for a pint of Obama or 50 Shades of Pink for the night. Go hippy or go home.


If beer and ciders are not your thing, fret not. Quaich Bar, Singapore’s first dedicated whisky bar is at your service. With more than 500 different lables, it is the go-to place for whisky connoisseurs and collectors. Tasting sets are available (ranging from $45 for 4 portions) if like me, you are curious about the spectrum of whisky flavors.


Other dining establishments include Black Cow, Fynn’s, The Armoury, Harry’s and Lady M that are bound to cater to discerning taste buds. Definitely a sweet spot to unwind after a day’s work or just while away on a lazy sunday evening! 🙂


South Beach Avenue

26 Beach Rd

6672 5722

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