Start your enGines… BeGin here!

“Let the evening BeGIN”

Tired of same old routine of Irish pubs and watering holes? Nested right above Singapore’s oldest traditional English Pub – The Penny Black, is beGIN – an illusive industrial layout gin wonderland.

Papadam served with damn delish dips

Upon arrival, you will be served with crispy Papadam & Onion Raita that’s incredibly light on the palate. They serve up really mean dips like Asian Salsa, Spiced Cilantro Mint & Coconut and Tomato, Chili & Ginger Chutney as well. Don’t be shy to order more papadams and have a go at them – that’s what i shamelessly did 😛 (Asian Salsa’s the bomb, fyi.)

Gin (or should i say, Genever) Flight

If like me, your knowledge of Gin is confined to that cliched G&T and Hendricks, here’s a wonderful learning experience for ya to impress upon your friends next time. Discover the origins of gin (pun intended), from The Foundation of Gin tracing back to The Netherlands in the 13th century to the British Discovery in 16th century, all the way to the modern Hendrick’s that we are familiar with. It was definitely an eye-opener to savor the individual taste profiles that evolved across different eras.

Jagmohan – Tequila, pineapple, curry, cloves

Inspired by the “spice trade” from India to Britain, this unassuming cocktail is presented elegantly with cinnamon sticks, star anise and curry leaves at the side. Drink it off the straw or from the cup for a different experience. I really loved the fried crisps that was a heaven made-match with the chutney!

Lavender – butterfly pea infused gin with coconut water and elderflower

The ultimate money shot. Once the glass tube is lifted, the aroma of dried lavender intrigues your olfactory senses, before the majestic masterpiece slowly unveils itself before one’s eyes. Prettiest cocktail award, hands down.

Koko – cocoa infused rum, orange liqueur, espresso

People who don’t fancy some Gin, fret not. There are lots of house cocktails that are both fancy and technical for those adventurous souls. One i’d recommend is Koko – similar to a Negroni or Old Fashioned – but a touch elevated in terms of presentation and complexity of taste profiles, probably the cocoa that did the job!

You will be spoiled for munchies selections too, once you’ve had a drink or two. From Crab Bomb-a which packs savory, curry crab within a light, round crisp to Nacho Del Goa which has lightly grilled prawns coated with northern India “butter chicken” sauce with onion yoghurt rested on a bed of papadams, i was in for an irresistible “spice-packed” treat!

Must-takes for the gram 🙂

Before you leave, commemorate the night with a group shot with this stunning backdrop! After all, NPNT! :>

27A Boat Quay, The Penny Black Upstairs
Singapore 049817
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 5pm – 1am
Tel: +65 6538 0584

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