Street Superior Festival 2018 – the biggest one yet

Street Superior Festival 2018 is the biggest one so far, being held at Pasir Panjang Power Station with 70,000 sq ft of raw industrial space. This year’s will be One Eleven and Sole Superior’s 6th year running this festival with 70 over individual vendors and 16 brands.

We got a firsthand look to see what the festival had to offer before it was opened to the public over the weekend. With 70,000 sq ft of space to fill up, there was definitely many activities, stores and both sneaker, streetwear and food vendors.

With bright lights illuminating the space in the night and ongoing activities such as flash parkour, indoor skate ramp and graffiti art bombings, it transformed the space to a lively and chic one.

This is the entire list of food vendors at the Street Superior Festival 2018.

Below are what we had:

Kipo – Tea with Coconut Strips

Coconut Strips are fresh and soft. Love that we are able to add the syrup on our own so you can control the sweetness of the drink.

Saiko – Fried Prawn and Chicken

Three Bun – Baby Huey and TruffleHound

Their buns are soft, fluffy and so easy to bite into.

A close look of the insides of the burger

Carrot Cubes

Their avocado shake was quite thick and smooth just like the poster claims.

To take care of everyone’s tummy, they also invited food vendors like Tokidon, Park Bench Deli, 1925, Yolo, Three Buns and many more.

It was held over the weekend and many sneaker and street wear enthusiasts went down to check out the place for themselves and made some purchases. Now, we are already looking forward to next year’s Street Superior Festival 2019.

Street Superior Festival 2018

Venue: Pasir Panjang ‘A’ Power Station, 27 Pasir Panjang Road S117537

Duration: 27-28 October 2018


Written by: Coralle Wong

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