Succulents Buttercream Cupcake Masterclass with Yume Pâtisserie

A pretty space Yume Patisserie has for fun piping lessons. Their logo’s so pretty and chic too! This time, we are learning how to pipe succulents with Korean butter cream! We started off with a demonstration of making the butter cream from Chef Amber, followed by teaching us step by step how to pipe.

First up is the cactus! We had to make a base as seen below.

We then have to change to a different piping bag with green colouring to pipe the cactus surrounding the base. Like this, it is becoming to look like a cactus but we will adding spikes along the sharp edges to make it look even more realistic.

The result after adding little spikes all over.

We did roses and other types of plants after that. I enjoyed piping the rose one the most because it looks pretty and was challenging.

We did a total of 4 types of plants/flowers. All leading up to crafting them nicely onto yummy chocolate cupcakes! Just like how Chefs plate their food, Bakers do that on their cupcakes with beautiful pipings.

This succulents piping class lasted for about 4hrs and we all had a lot of fun learning from all the tips that Chef Amber generously shared with us.

Unfortunately, this Succulent buttercream Masterclass is the last class – but you will still be able to join the Korean b

Do check out Yume Pâtisserie at POMO, near SOTA. Use code <rachy10> for 10% OFF all Masterclasses

Love, Coralle.W

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