Taiwan Itinerary Day 1 (8D7N) — Taichung: 宫原眼科, 第二市场,忠孝夜市

We planned for a Taiwan trip consisting of Taichung, Sun Moon Lake and back to Taipei. You can check out the future itinerary posts from Day 1 till Day 8.

We landed in Taoyuan Airport and headed for Taichung immediately via a public bus (Bus 705) which took about 15-20 minutes to catch the train at Taoyuan High Speed Rail (HSR). It costs about NT$520 /pax one way (non-reserved seats) and you can just purchase your ticket directly when you’re at the station. You can pick the “non-reserved seats” if you’re on a budget, where there’s no guarantee you get seats on board. The journey was about 40 minutes.

At Taichung, our accommodation for the next few nights was at Kiwi Express Hotel-Taichung Station II

Address: No. 29 Luchuan West Street, 40342 Taichung

It’s about 15 minutes away from the Taichung HSR station. In general it’s clean and quite accessible. I booked mine via booking.com

First up we had ice cream from 宫原眼科.

There’s two outlets nearby each other. There are exclusive flavours for both outlets. Also, one has seating area and the other doesn’t.

They have a menu in English as well. I really liked their tea series, and if you’re a chocolate lover, try their wide range of chocolate flavours!

With seats (dine in):

Takeaway: Miyahara, No. 20 Zhongshan Road, Central District Taichung City, 400

We wanted some food and was recommended by locals to try the 卤肉饭 at 第二市场. A pity it was closed during the period. If you’re keen, below’s the address.

Address: 李海卤肉饭, 400 Taichung City, Central District, Section 2, Sanmin Road

It’s called 李海卤肉饭, you can just check with the locals, they are in general very friendly and are willing to help you with directions.

In the end we tried this one from 聪明担仔面. It’s beside 李海卤肉饭。

They have other dishes and it’s similar to our economical rice.

This is how the market front looks like, quite easy to spot as there are lots of people, mostly locals. The first stall sells carrot cake and sausages.

Address: 第二市场, No. 87 Section 2, Sanmin Road Taiwan 400

While walking back to our accommodation, we tried this Mian xian, it’s not bad! I do not like vinegar so i didn’t add any, but they’re always on the table so you can help yourself.

In the evening we visited the nearest 夜市 (night market), 忠孝夜市, where you can get street food like the mee sua, takoyaki, skewers, sweet potato sticks, grilled corn on a cob etc. Apparently the Papaya milk we tried is quite famous.

Address: Zhongxiao Road, South District, Taichung City, 402

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