Taiwan Itinerary Day 3 (8D7N) — Sun Moon Lake

日月潭 – Sun Moon Lake (SML)

When we were here the previous trip, we didn’t managed to go to SML so here’s another chance! We wanted to catch the Sunrise so we reckon we had to add this into our itinerary this time.

It took about 20 minutes by foot from our hostel, to get to the Gancheng Bus Station. Look out for this shop (above image).

It’s a few minutes walk from Taichung TRA station. Be sure to check with the bus coordinators at the station to get correct tickets towards Nantou.

Address: 400 Taiwan, Taichung City

We got round trip tickets but you have the option to get the Sun Moon Lake pass which includes fees for other attractions like boat rides, bike rental etc.

We chose to take a bus to 日月潭 (SML) via “shuttle bus”, NT$195 one way and NT$360 both ways. Check here for the bus schedule.

Our homestay / hotel stay is inclusive of the boat rides, but if you need to get one, you can head to the pier, there are a few shops selling tickets from different companies. Tickets usually cost NT$300 (adult) and NT$200 (children).

When you dock, follow the crowd up a few flight of stairs and it will get you to a temple, 玄光诗.

There’s a long queue to take pictures with this stone statue, which overlooks the view of the entire 日月潭.

You can trek for a bit here, it will get you to 玄奘诗 after a 850metres trail. We trekked midway and turned back to catch the boat ride back.

Already had countless 卤肉饭 and we aren’t sick of it just yet.

This was supposed to be 大肠面线 (large intestine noodles), but we switch the meat to braised meat. These two bowls are from 茶老爸.

Be sure to try some 茶叶蛋 (tea leaf eggs) while you’re here. They use Assam black tea for the broth, i love the mushrooms! The eggs taste similar to those outside though.

Our homestay is at 潭香 (Tanxiang Resort Hotel Sun Moon Lake Harbour, Sun Moon Lake Pier), it’s very decent, clean and affordable. More importantly, very near to the pier. Boat tickets are inclusive! Best part was this private room came with the basic necessities and 2 queen sized beds! Booked this via booking.com.

Address: No. 130 Zhongshan Road, 555 Yuchi

Wifi used throughout the trip is from Roaming Man.

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