Taiwan Itinerary Day 4 (8D7N)

– Sunrise at Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

– Back to Taipei

– Ximending Night Market 西门町

– Tong Hua Night Market (Linjiang street Night Market)

We tried to catch the sun rise at Sun Moon Lake. Checked google and sunrise was at 5.57am so we got ready at the pier at about 540am but i think the view is blocked by the mountains, there were little orange hues but quite disappointing.

Back to Taipei — we caught the train from Taichung station 台中车站, took to 新乌日 (please be careful and drop at the correct station as the station before this is 乌日). The High Speed Rail (HSR) is above 新乌日 station.

We bought our non-reserved seats tickets at 新乌日 and boarded the train towards 南港 and we managed to get seats #blessed. There’s also an option to take a bus back but it takes about 4 hours + and we didn’t really want to waste time. The train ride is about half the time (2 hours +-).

The ride cost NT$675 each.

Ximending is popular for its vibrant ambience and it’s full of shopping and street food. It’s very near 西门 station. There’s lots to see and lots to do. You can watch street performances, buy souvenirs, and eat your fill here.

If you’re keen, try their Mala Hot Pot buffet which was recommended to me by my friends (108, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Xinling Road 157号)

Address: 西门町 Shi men ting, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108

通化夜市 also known as Linjiang market, is one of their local night markets. It’s a smaller scale night market. Visit for the ambience! You can also experience more night markets and try some street food which are actually the same but could taste different. The Cheese Dog is quite yummy! On the other hand, we tried 卤肉饭 (braised meat rice) here and it was our #10 bowl, we didn’t like it, i would say its more like pork floss rice.

Address: Alley 1 Lane 49, Linjiang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

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